Key Difference between Html and Html 5

html5 You all know about HTML.Today I am going to explain about difference between html and html 5 in simple terms.Let first understand basic things about Html and Html 5.


  • Consist of tags in angle brackets
  • Building blocks for website
  • Web browser read Html and convert it in
  • Used by web browser to display content in web browser
  • Allow to embed object and images


  • Fifth revision of Html
  • It extends and improves existing markup language
  • Created to run with cross platform mobile devices

Now Lets see in detail about 5 major differences between html and html 5

  • Clear Syntax –

html5Unlike Html 4.0 you don’t have to write a longer doctype declaration.You just need to write  DOCTYPE html> and that’s all.It is also designed to be backward compatible.

  • Compatibility – 


Html 5.0 is still not supported by all browser, as it is not standardized.Except IE most other started supporting major functionality of Html 5.0.On the other hand Html 4 is supported by all browser.

  • New tags –

Html 5.0 introduces new tags <nav> which can be used to create links on a page.It has also header and footer tags to keep same content throughout the page.These functionality can be achieved through CSS. You can see a example below for reference.


  •  Error/Exception handling –

1In html 4.0 we have concept of tag soup where we can write malformed or troubled code and later correct it into a valid document.The only problem it is not standardized, so you need to test it on different browsers.However in Html 5 we have detailed rules for lexing and parsing of document, so that different browsers will give give same error in case of error or malformed code.

  • In built multimedia features –



In html 4, we need to depend on Flash and other software to include interactive feature in webpage.This may lead incompatibility problem with some browsers.Html 5 includes inbuilt features of multimedia and dynamic contents.It can includes video, video games etc directly played within the webpages. Not just video games, but also the peripherals of the games. For example, if you were to check some gaming websites selling gaming accounts, you’d notice that their website, no matter how sophisticated, would be running Html 5. And most of these games, would be compatible with the promo codes that you’d get at places like

Html 5 still has a way to go and definitely it is the future for dynamic and interactive web pages.As more and more apps are getting built for smartphone and handheld devices , it is a future technology every web developer should be equipped with.Once Html 5 will be standardized more and more browser start supporting it and make developer job easier with coding and compatibility.I would appreciate your views and suggestion.

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