Joy of giving week – Donate and contribute to society

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As you know every year 2009 onwards Joy of giving week is celebrated from oct 2 -oct 8.It is that time in the year when we donate and contribute to the society and show to our social world that we do care for them.During this time every citizen contribute in the form of money,time,resources and skills back to the society and feel the joy of giving.

why you should participate?

This question can arise in your mind as why you should donate, as it is the duty of the government and not pay taxes and thats set.But that is not true.Lets see why.

  • Because someone gains great value from it and you loose barely nothing.For example a blood loose nothing from it but it helps to save a life.
  • A human live in social world, so its works like when you are in good position, you should help other and other will follow the same when you are in trouble.
  • it gives a great feeling to the individual who donates as he/she feels immense pleasure to bring a smile on someone else face.
  • Think about people who has done nothing wrong, but they are suffering like earthquake or government bad policy,If we don’t help them and who will?
  • Remember someday it can happen to you, nobody knows the future, you do it and same will happen to you.
  • The satisfaction level of an individual will increase
  • A binding will come automatically to us when we donate, we will start to understand and care for everybody in our family

So as you see there are tons of reasons to donate to the society.Remember it does not need to be in the form of money but can be time,clothes, skills or sometime just be a helping hands.

How you can contribute?

If you work for any company, there must be a social work department or you can contact to you HR department to know more about it.You can contribute through it.You can also check your saving bank account site and contact them to know more about donation.Remember whatever amount you donate is 100% non taxable.

I will discuss a site called Giveindia which has contact with many NGOs and you can donate online thru their site.The best part is that they keep track of your donation and after giving money to NGOs, get a report back from them and let you know who and how they benefited.

Here is a simple illustration take from their site about the complete process of donation.

Complete process of Donation @ GiveIndia
Start a donation as less as INR 250

once you login you will get a search window to choose any particular state , agencies like children women etc and then you can decide the money.It starts from INR 100, 200,400, to 10000 and more.Its so easy to donate the track your donation.

Remember whatever you will give to society will always come back to you.It can be in form of love, care and affection.Please make Donation a habit of yours.