Jetpack WordPress Backup Plugin Paid Package Review – Is It Worth

As I described in my previous post, backing up your WordPress blog at regular interval is very important. I am going to discuss Jetpack WordPress Backup Plugin paid package review in this post, which is a great backup and recovery plugin for WordPress Blog.


Download Backup And Recovery WordPress Guide

You may want to download this Guide first to get complete overview of Backup and Recovery of your WordPress blog.

What I was doing Earlier

I was using Updraftplus free version to take backup of my WordPress blog. It was a manual task and I used to do it manually.

The risk was if I ever forget to manually take backup of my blog, I risk losing all my latest post.

My Hosting company does have the option to take backup of the entire website, but it is not custom build for WordPress.Backup and recovery both are important for your WordPress blog. 

Still not convinced you should invest in the paid plugin for your WordPress backup and recovery then let me tell you an interesting event happened with one of my fellow blogger friends recently.

My friend WordPress blog was hacked. Actually, his login and password of hosting account were hacked and they gained access to ftp of his hosting domain.

They deleted all his post and put a message saying he needs to pay a certain amount to get the account back. He was scared, somehow it got his account and login back. Fortunately, he had taken backup of the entire site and hence he was able to restore it.

Imagine if he forgot to take manual backup or have not taken backup at all, he should have lost years of hard work.

What is the Lesson

 Never leave a backup of WordPress causally or leave it manual. Please make sure you switch to a paid tool where backup will be taken care by itself.

You also need to make sure backup location is some other place than your hosting provider. It is required in case all data is deleted from your hosting provider.

What is the Solution

I was looking for a cheaper solution for WordPress backup and Recovery. I was already using Jetpack free plugin for stats and spam protection.

I noticed they have a backup and recovery plan with the paid package. I tried it and it worked perfectly for me.

Jetpack Personal edition-min

It costs only $3.50 per month and it is the cheapest in the market. You will backup and recovery both available in it. I will explain further how it works.

How It Works

Jetpack plugin is created by Automattic, the same company who actually created and millions of blogs run on it. This makes this plugin trustworthy.

Jetpack has different paid planned as above, starting with free to professional. In the personal edition, which is a paid version; you have the option for backup and recovery of WordPress blog. Other packages like Professional has the better feature like SEO, malware and marketing.

In this post today, I am going to talk about Backup and recovery only. With Jetpack plugin, you need to install vaultpress plugin to get back up and recovery running.

Vaultpress is the component which actually backup your content. It includes media, comment, Themes, Post, pages etc. With Vaultpress, you will be secured against data loss from your hosting provider or any attack on your blog resulting in data loss or accidental damage.

How Vaultpress looks like

Jetpack UI 1-min

After Installing Jetpack, You can see this option in WordPress Dashboard

Jetpack UI 2-min

This screen will show up once you click Jetpack Dashboard, Click on Backups section

Vaultpress UI backup

Vaultpress Dashboard. Backup Screen with Date

Jetpack Restore UI-min

Click on Restore button to prepare backup and download a particular version of backup

My Final Thoughts

Jetpack Vaultpress premium plugin is one of the best ways to take backup of your WordPress blog. It cost only $3.50 per month which makes it best for new and even pro bloggers. 

This plugin will start taking backup whenever you make any changes to your blog. The recovery process is also very easy in case of accidental or attack on your blog.

Though we have free tools available in the market to take manual backup. My suggestion to automated the backup process as soon as possible.

Your blog is very important to you and you do not want to lose years of hard work with an attack o an accident. Try Jetpack and I am sure you will love it.

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  • Hi Ravi,
    Great review of Jetpack backup. In fact, I am currently using Updraftplus, but I just installed Jetpack 2 days ago. The features are incredibly amazing. I’m yet to upgrade as I’m still playing with the app by exploring it remarkable features and functionalities.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome review.

  • I lost valuable data as earlier I didn’t keep backups of my websites. With your valuable inputs on this article I will now be able to perform backups at ease.

  • Thanks for sharing a cool plugin I have used free version if jetpack, I like to purchase premium backup option but i need to get fast recovery just like one click recovery.

  • This is the blog that I was looking for!
    Hi Ravi, I was looking for plugins to help me save a back up for my blog. It is very important to have a plugin such as this to avoid losses in terms of content. Also, in the rare occasion that the server might crash, back up will help save time and effort. thanks for this wonderful post!

  • this post is really helpful for me because i was looking for wordpress plugin.
    thanks for the article and keep posting related to wordpress.

  • I love my blog so much and I never thought about how someone could hack your things! That’s scary. I stumbled on this because I’m trying to figure out more about plug ins in general and it sounds like something you have to have if you value your work. I’ll have to come back to this.

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