Its not only the Politicians but we all are Corrupted

I am sure the title of post will offend most of us but accept it or not It is true.But last few days there are so many things I observed which helps me in concluding this.

We now remains with only 2 types of people , either corrupted or selfish.I am not sure whether my blog or my account will be active after this post or not.It may be possible that GOI(Government of India) may find it is inappropriate and block my blog.I leave it to them but as a citizen of India and constitutional rights I had, nobody can take away my right to express.If they want they can block my account.

Lets discuss about our honorable Prime minister must have heard about his qualification,medals,experience etc.Just one word I would like to say its unmatchable.I think its almost difficult or impossible for any other country head to match this.But he is a live example of a person who even though big degree and experience failed to manage anything.

What else nobody listen him not even their own party men.His minister do whatever they want(example is Raja, the Ex corrupted telecom minster). He reminds me of some students in my class who are very good in studies,toppers but fails to conduct any event, no leadership quality, not even courage to speak in front of crowd, Knows only what written in the books.Manmohan singh has absolutely no leadership skills, no self thinking,no guts and no dignity.I don’t know how he become PM of India.So many scams happens in his leadership and he just keep mum.Though some party spokeperson only seen in press conference defending him.We are already knows as soft policy maker in the world.our current PM very well supported it!

And after all these he says “It has been my general practice not to respond to motivated criticism directed personally to me. My general attitude has been Hazaaron Jawabon Se Acchi Hai Meri Khamoshi, Na Jaane Kitne Sawaalon Ki Aabru Rakhe.” I I don’t know whether he said this in a sarcastic or funny mood.By the way it look foolish!

Did we expect this from our PM? Shame to all of us we live in a country where our PM can’t even defend himself and crack joke like this.Every minister and political party has only one agenda – loot lo(lets rob). They want to make as much money as they can in 5 years so that they can again fight for next election.They are sucking our blood right to the core.

To take a small decision they take years and for every deal taking huge kickback.It is like selling our country and make money.They think what maximum will happen.We will spend some time in jail came out in some time , then to politics and rob again.The cycle will continue.

For Aam admi, there is no option left:


Now I come to second point.Lets discuss about people of this country ( that include me also). I will begin this with saying, these politician comes from us only.They have not come from anywhere else.They depict our social environment.Lets tell me some observation which proves we all are selfish and thinks nothing except ourself.

There are some uneducated people who don’t behave in a good sense and spit or litter anywhere.They help the city to make it one step closer to hell.Police only tease common people and try their best to get some money.I noticed many traffic police, 90% of them don’t know their job.They are not able to regulate traffic, just to stand and waving your hands does not solve any purpose.When its politicians they are on their toes and everything looks great! All these road side vendors, they never care about traffic.They keep their stuff right in the side of road and cares nothing about others.

Now lets see about educated selfish people.As I work for IT, I will take example from it.In my company lift I seen people had a mouth freshener and threw its cover packet in the lift.A car rider stops his/her car right in the middle of road as somebody has to get down.Why should he care about traffic?In cafeteria when its time to collect your requested food or spoons, they even keep their foot on yours just to get it first.While returning home from office it seems people kill you to reach first.What the hell is going on?

I also talk to many colleagues and friends of mine of me in office.Most of them don’t know what is happening in country.They don’t know about any latest scam?But ask about movie review, they are prompt.This shows we really don’t care what is going on in the country.If we don’t know what is happening in this country how can we choose right person to vote?And then during lunch gossip, we will only say all politician are corrupt. Actually we all are corrupt.Only thing we care about is our family, our kids, our money that set.

But the consequences of this will be dangerous.We may buy a costly flat or secured house from our money, but ultimately we have to come out of that for daily work.The society is same out there, where all cares about them self only.Your kids and family and others are not safe until we change that.So my intention is to create awareness among people of this country.Do not only care about your work,family and kids.Your belongs to this country and you have some responsibility for them too.I am not only talking about social work here but to get yourself aware about surroundings.

I remember 2 incidents here. First one is when I had a small accidents with my bike and I was lying on road for some 3-4 minutes.Nobody gave me a helping hand, my leg was under bike and it made me difficult to get it out.People were only passing and seeing tamasha.Finally I had to do it all by myself.Just to refresh you all maximum people who were passing from there were  professional software engineers.Another incidents similar to this when I seen one person just skids from the bike and I stopped my bike to help him.people behind me were shouting why you stopped, keep moving we are getting late.They have absolutely no mercy for that guy, only intention they have is to reach office quickly.If we think like that shame on us!!Its called educated foolish.

I talked to one of my friends recently who visited Singapore.He said people their honk only when they have a pregnant lady in their car, and what about us we honk every time. The other thing he said instantly is I will settle their only.This country is hell.How somebody stay here? Dirty environment,traffic, %@#$%^&*. Then I replied in little filmy way “Maa or mulk badle nahi jate, agar yeha aag lagi hai to main bujhaunga, nahi to isi me jal jauga“.He laughed on it and says go ahead; nobody cares.See how selfish we are.

Now I will end this post saying if we did not improve ourself, the great Indian culture will end soon.Our dream to make India a leading developed country will never be fulfilled.You can go to any country like US, UK etc for work, but you cannot change root and your motherland.In other country they will always say see we got new company from India(whispering third world country you know).