Interview With Siddharth Rajsekar [Podcast]

This weekend I got a chance to talk to Siddharth Rajsekar (aka Sidz); a musician turned social geek. I am so lucky to have him on my podcast. He talked about a variety of topic from how to use social media to leverage your website ranking to social media automation.

Who is Sidz?


  • Dropped out of college, a Musician turned to social media genius
  • Trained over 2000+ businesses across India & the Middle East
  • creator of the #1 Social Media Course for Business Owners Social Media LAUNCHPAD!.
  • Husband of a loving wife, a father, minimalist, international speaker & podcast host!
  • He loves writing stuff about ‘Attraction Marketing’, networking tips and improving one’s social skills, happiness, productivity, and awesomeness.

Follow him here: Blog, Facebook, Social Media Launchpad

On this Podcast we discussed topics related to social media and how to optimized it for your blog. He also talked about personal branding. Jitendra Vaswani and Kulwant Negi are the prime examples of bloggers who promoted their blog along with their personal branding.

Listen to Podcast here:

Sidz also discussed in detail about his recently launched online course for Business owners Social media LAUNCHPAD.



It contains 50+ high-quality videos tutorials and assessment. The course has been divided into a different section with separate attention to every social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest etc.


Sidz has put a lot of effort to create this course and used all his experience he gained through years of training. You will learn every tactic you need to get success in the world of social media using this course.

This is one of the first training of its kind in India. I have already joined the course. If you are a serious blogger, product or business owners, this course is a must for you.


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