Interview With Nikhil Saini

I recently got a chance to interview Nikhil Saini, founder of He started his blog in May 2015 and within a short time, his blog is very popular with an Alexa rank of 55,855.

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Nikhil is one of the bloggers who work very hard with his blog and help the blogging community. His blog can give you the whole bunch of tutorials about how to create a blog, how to earn money and how to grow in your blogging.

It is my privilege to talk to Nikhil. Unfortunately, I was not able to record the conversation. But I have take notes and would like to share with the readers. I hope you will learn something new with his experience and lets you one step closer to your Blogging success.

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RaviSinghblog: How you started Blogging?

Nikhil: I have started my blogging life with freelance writing. Its only in 2015 when I started my own blogging career with The idea behind this blog is for new and professional blogger. I write a wide variety of topic including Blogging tips, Blogging tools, SEO, product review etc.

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There is an interesting story behind my domain name. I thought to have a short and easily remembered name and chosen Myquickidea.

RaviSinghBlog: How to generate ideas for the post?

Nikhil: Let me share a secret. I use Buzzsumo to find trending top 5 posts for any keyword. Then I read those post to see what is missing from the post. The comment on that post will help you to find many important missing links.

I then create content on those missing points. I also write detail about untouched points. I gather data, pictures and graphics also to support my post. The structure of post is very important to Make sure you follow an order for your post.

RaviSinghBlog: How you promote your post?

Nikhil: First of all I choose keyword very carefully. I use the long tail keyword to get top ranking in search engine. I also target medium and low ranking keywords, as they are less competitive.

Semrush is an excellent tool to find long tail keyword

I get maximum traffic from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus etc. I also use image sharing media like Instagram and Pinterest.

I also use medium like creating backlinks, Guest post, and blog commenting.

I recommend you to read below post from his blog:

200+ High DA Blog Commenting Sites to Supercharge Your Referral Traffic

A Specialist Remedy to Hide Backlinks from Competitors

RaviSinghBlog: What you think is the best way to promote affiliate product?

Nikhil: First if possible, always get a trial of the product. If the trial is not available, write to the product company and ask them for a free copy for which you will write a review. The company will love to give you a free copy for a review.

Always spend more time for the keyword. Use long tail keyword instead of one word. For example instead of a keyword like money,blog and earn use keyword like How to make money from blog.

Create brand value of your blog where people trust your blog and buy from your affiliate link.

Select product where we have less competition, For example instead of Bluehost, or Hostgator; select Hostings like Small Orange, DigitalOcean, and Godaddy. We have less competition for that.

RaviSinghBlog: What is the Web Hosting you use and would like to recommend to our readers?

Nikhil: I personally use Bluehost and I am very happy with it. I would suggest not to buy cheap hosting. DigitalOcean and Smallorange are other great options.

RaviSinghBlog: What email marketing tool you use and would you like to share some tricks to get more subscribers?

Nikhil: I use Getresponse to manage my email subscribers. This is the best tool I found for the email subscription. I use email opt-in pop-up, sidebar popup and after the post form.  I use Getresponse to build up customized landing page for a specific post.

Use catchy words for the optin main title.

I also use clickable link optin form within the post. See an example below. I got 150 subscribers using this technique in 1 week.

email optin within a post

I also suggest you to offer free pdf or guide to get people subscribe to your blog.

RaviSinghBlog: What WordPress theme you uses for your blog and would like to suggest my readers.

Nikhil: I strongly recommend to use paid or premium themes. Never ever use free themes. My first blog was hacked because of it.

Free themes are poorly coded, open to attack and slow. I used Best theme from Mythemeshop for my blog. The choice of theme again depends on your blog niche, content, and design.

I suggest you to research and compare premium themes on Google and then select one for your blog.

[stextbox id=”info”]This blog is built on Genesis Framework [/stextbox]

RaviSinghBlog: How you create networking with other bloggers?

Nikhil: First and foremost I make friends at social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. I help other bloggers and create a personal touch with them. I also follow up with them through email and make them permanent friends.

I also share and comment their post to make sure they do the same for me. Remembers all successful bloggers have created good networking for their blog.

RaviSinghBlog: Tell us something about recent Jaipur blogger meet you recently conducted?

Nikhil: We recently conducted this session from bloggers all around Jaipur and it was a great experience. We gather almost 40 bloggers for this event. I completed all ground work in one week for this event

I used following promotion techniques for this event:

  • Used my networking to let other blogger know about this event
  • Use social media to let everyone know about the event
  • Use my email list
  • Created post in my blog
  • Use google docs to register users

This time, I invited for blogging niche related blog only but in future, I want to make it a Pan India event with the blogger from the variety of niche.

RaviSinghBlog: What are we expecting from you in future?

Nikhil: I am soon going to launch another blog. I already purchased the domain name and looking for the partner for my new blog.


It was a great experience talking to Nikhil. His recent Jaipur meet was a great initiative. Many bloggers can replicate it and create better networking among bloggers.

Please do not forget to share your experience with Nikhil’s blog. See you soon in another interview.

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  • Nice interview. There are many things to be learned from this. I have bookmarked the page for future reference.

  • Thanks Ravi for sharing this interview with Nikhil Saini . Very inspirational and informative interview. Great interview. I am feeling really inspired now. What My Quick idea made in few years is just outstanding I must say I learn some of the best things from this interview .

    One thing with him is he’s very open to help and that makes the secret of success in blogging.

    Thanks Again, Have a nice day : Happy Blogging 🙂

    • Yes Pavitra, Nikhil is very open to his secret tips. He is a good friend in my blogging networking and very helpful. Thank you for your comment.

  • Thanks for sharing this awesome Interview mate. Nikhil is really a good guy and ofcourse a nice blogger. I am following his blog MyQuickIdea from a long time.

    Thanks & Regards !

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