Increasing Trends of women molestation in India – How to counter

We recently seen increasing trends of women molestation in India.Recent incident includes mob assault on teenagers in Assam.Another incident happened in Karnataka where 4 young guys pushed out a 19 years girl out of train.In both these one thing is common the people who were witnessing this incident decided to keep mum.they let the assaulter to do whatever they desired.

These are not something new in India but the surprising thing is its happening in full public view and the co passengers or the onlookers in above cases done nothing.Thank god in Assam incident all assaulter got caught because it got recorded in camera and we had images of them, but unfortunately not in second case.

This matter is a worrying thing for us as people are becoming more selfish, they only care about them self,and their family.It is not something which does not happens before but earlier crowd or public did help the victims but now they just watch and let 2-3 people to assault or molest somebody.

So why we keep mum?

We scared of our life as we think why to interfere or help others when it become threat of our life?We become selfish not for us but for our family.But if we have not done something, it may happen with our family one day.The interesting fact is as we love our life so as assaulter/molester, he also scar and fears. Use this fear to tackle them.

What we should do as a crowd?

  • Don’t be a spectator – Don’t be a mute spectator, first talk to them and asked them to leave or disperse, if they are more in number, don’t scare. You know you are doing a good think so they should scare.I am sure as you argue with them the nearby crowd will be with you in no time.You just need to take initiate.
  • Film or record them – Nowadays we all have cameras and mobile phones, record them and give it to some news channel, they take care of the rest.They will also keep your identity secret.At least we can do this much.This will bring their faces to world and victim will get justice.

What a woman should do?

  • Keep yourself fit – Do regular exercise and keep yourself fit.It may save your life.An assaulter always think girls are weak.prove them it is wrong.Learn self defense tactics.Keep emergency police number with you.
  • Use technology – Nowadays all major phone O/S like android , ios ,nokia, blackberry comes with apps with GPS location sharing.use it to share your current location to your family members.They always know where you are.
  • Keep handy weapon – Keep small weapon like pepper spray and Electronic whistle , could be very useful at occasion.You can attract attention of crowd or police with this.
  • Tell and aware others – As a woman whatever role you are like mother,teacher,student etc talk about it to your fellow coworkers,student ,daughters and other girls.Make them aware about it.
  • Never ignore teasing – Even a small eve-teasing can turn into assault soon, so do not ignore it.Complain about it to your parents, police or to college.
  • Never consider yourself weak – This is traditional problem in India where we teach our daughters as they are weak and inferior to men.The reality is just opposite.There are various parts of our body which are weak like nerve center behind the ears, under the nose, at the base of the skull, the temple region, gum line on the bottom portion of the teeth( There are lot many), hit one of them and assaulter will never dare to come near just need to know the weak areas.Even a small key between your fingers can be a lethal weapon (For ex – you hit it under the eyes).

The main weapon to tackle the situation is you yourself.Never scared no matter what the situation is.your little presence of mind can save your and others life.So promise to yourself ,you will never be a mute spectator and raise your voice.Let show these assaulter this is not ‘Gungleraj’ and if they do it we will send them to better place that is jail.

To inspire you here is a title song from movie kasam paida karne wale ki – I love its lyrics specially this line

“Ab tere, jurm ka, faisla hum karenge

marke bhi bhoole na aise gum tujhko denge

hona denge na hum ab kisi pe sitam….”