Icici Bank Pockets Review- Be social

Icici bank recently launched their Facebook apps called pockets. Nowadays almost every business organization wants to use social media for their customer. And they use companies like Marketing Heaven to generate leads and market their online presence. Icici banks is leader in providing services to its customer and linking social media to it.I am going to review this app today in this post.

Pockets is a latest edition in it.One of the reason more and more banks wants to use social media such as Facebook,twitter etc is because nowadays most of Indians spend their times with Facebook and twitter rather than meeting friends in person.

Lets check what Pockets can do for you:

  • Split your group Expenses and share among yourself
  • Pay a Friend
  • Recharge your phone
  • Book movie tickets for all your Friends

1Besides above they have added all features with app like paying utilities bill, see your credit card bill etc which you normally use from internet banking.Now at a glance most of these services are looking old and there are desktop PC and phone to do these.

The first feature to split your group expense and share among friends is an attractive feature and worth to mention.Lets see how it actually works.This video will explain its Complete operation:


So Here are the advantages of this feature:

  • Share Expenses – When you have a gang on Facebook and you go for a movie, you can split the share and divide among yourself and send notification and message to your friend .
  • Edit Percentage of payment – This app has a feature to either divide all amount equally or divide according to your wish.You can always increase share of a particular person if he/she wants to pay more.
  • Get Update on Facebook – If anybody pays the amount, you can see real time update on the Facebook itself.

Some disadvantages of this features –

    • Works Only with Facebook – This apps is exclusively for Facebook, so you can use it for friends on Facebook and not for outsiders.So suppose one of your friend who is not on Facebook, there will be a problem.
    • Redeem Vouchers – When you pay the amount to your friend, he/she receives a vouchers and not actually.They have to again redeem these vouchers manually throghu the app and then only it actually credited to your accounts.I would love to see if we can make payments the receiver directly to his/her account.This video explain this feature.

  • Manual calculation – The method of dividing money still needs a calculation and you need to enter final amount only which needs to be divided.Instead of that there should be an excel sheet which actually has a column to share each individual share (which they already spent)and then automatically calculate each individual contribution.When actually we went for a trip together everybody shares some amount and then at end we used to ask each indivvidual to tell how much he/she spent.
  • Security – As we actually not transfering amount but still passing confidential info to this app.In the past it has been observed that Facebook apps are good candidate for intruders.So Icici bank must ensure that Facebook user’s financial and personal information remain secure.

This is the just the beginning before Banks will start providing nearly all their services on the Facebook itself.So you can do all your operation from social media itself and do not need to switch to individual bank websites or internet banking.So the day is not far when we will be able to perform everything on Facebook itself like Shopping, transferring amount,chat with friends and relatives,pay utility bill and blah blah.Eager to hands on this app on Facebook.Start it here with this link.Please post your experience with this app by your comments.