I Finally Tried OptinMonster For A Week And This Is What Happened

It’s been a long time, I was looking for a reliable Optin popup kind of tool which can help me to increase the number of my email subscribers. I was also looking for some particular features in opt-in box like creating quick opt-in boxes, customized it for different pages, display different popup based on location and interaction. Please find Optinmonster review in tis post

I finally got a hands-on OptinMonster, a tool to create and track opt-in form for your website or blog. I have tried it for a week and would like to share my experience with it.

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  • I always create an honest review with positive and negative point
  • I write review with my real experience
  • Always reviewed a product which is useful for the community and not just for a commission.[/stextbox]


So now let me tell why I was looking for such an opt-in form tool –

  • Create customize opt-in box when user leaves my blog
  • Make sure 90% of the visitors become by subscribers
  • Customized opt-in box based on the behavior of the visitors
  • Trigger opt-in box on a timely basis
  • Create different forms and track result which one works best
  • Create more than one popup box on a page
  • Create opt-in box on a URL link
  • Responsive pop-up for smaller device likes tablet and smartphones

OPTINMONSTER header image-min


So now you have a fair idea why I was looking for a customized pop-up subscribers box for my blog. Please check this video from Derek to understand why you need Email-subscribers for your blog and how it generates more traffic:

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Now let me come to the review of OptinMonster:

What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is an easy form builder tool which will convert your visitors to email subscribers.

What are different Forms Optinmonster supports:

  • Smart Lightbox –  You can see this pop-up on the website at the certain time interval or when a user tries to exit. The user cannot continue to browse the website without taking the action.



  • After post – This form will be visible to your post on the blog. You can customize it based on the content of the post. This convert very well if your post is interesting.
  •  Footer bar – This pop-up box will be displayed in the footer of your website and will be always visible while the user continues to browse the website.



  • Slide-in form – This pop-up form will be active once user will slide down on your website. This is a good option to get subscribers when the user is really interested in your post.



  • The mobile opt-in – This is a customized opt-in which will be visible only for smaller or mobile devices. This is required as same opt-in can’t be used as it is in mobile devices.
  • Sidebar Widget – This is fixed opt-in form usually placed at right side widget of the blog.
  • Canvas – This option will allow you to create custom popups using your own HTML and CSS. You can still use options like exit pop-up, page level targeting, cookies etc.

You can use it for features like:

  • Custom coupon codes
  • Your e-commerce application
  • Offer related products
  • Social media like Facebook, twitter, Google+ “Like” request

How OptinMonster is helping me to get more Email Subscribers – 

Before OptinMonster, I used opt-in services like Sumome to create fixed format form. I felt it was not converting well for me and I need to change it.

Here are the changes I have introduced after implementing OptinMonster:

  • Created lightbox popup for a specific page and when user exits my blog


  • Offer discount coupon offers for a particular product


  • Used 2 step process to convert links to opt-in popup


  • Used in-line form to get user attention

Price –

OptinMonster comes with a free 14 days trial. It subscription starts with $9 a month. But not all features are available in the Basic package. So I will recommend getting pro package subscription.


Optinmonster_price-min Optinmonster_price1-min


Pro package gives you access to all the form builder like slider opt-in, Floating bar, Sliderbar, Canvas etc. Also special effect pop-up and exit intent are only available in pro package.

Timezone and Device targeting –

Optinmonster introduced these features in the latest version. Now you can schedule your optin campaign and it will activate at that time.You can also set countdown timer with it.


The second part is device targeting. So if you think, you campaign works better on mobile devices; disable it on other devices like PC or tab.

My Take – Email subscription is a very important for every blogger. It not only give your more visitors and traffic but also create permanent visitors around your blog. Once you have enough email subscribers, you can create a community around it.

Along with a good email subscriber management like Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse etc; you also need a customized popup form builder to make sure every visitors are converted to your subscribers.

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I am very happy with the performance of OptinMonster till now and would like to continue it in future. One issue or limitation I would see is as you cancel the subscription of Optinmonster, you will loose all your opt-in pop-up, but then it is a part of the product and you have to take that into consideration.

Overall out 10, I will give Optinmonster as 8 because it fulfills almost all of my requirements.

I hope this review helped you to take a correct decision to select opt-in form builder for your blog or website. Please do let me know your comments and whether you would like to give it a try.

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  • I like the Pro Version for $199 a year because the most important thing for me is the EXIT INTENT POP-UP. I don’t like to hit people with a popup while they are reading my blog posts or watching my video tutorials. However, when they are Finally ready to leave my site, That’s the Perfect time to hit them with a PopUp and Optin Form.

    I had forgotten about the Optin form or Optin CheckBox available After Every Blog post and didn’t realize they had a popup just for mobile. Looks like I need to dig in and play around with Optin Monster this weekend! Thanks so much for covering thoroughly such a good product!

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