How To Use Dropbox to Increase Your Blogging Productivity

Dropbox is mainly used by the user to store pictures or documents on cloud and access it from anywhere. Recently Dropbox introduced a lot of features which can be used by blogger to increase their productivity. I am going to explain these features in the post and how to use it for your blog.

Here is the introduction video of the post:


Dropbbox new features Infographics

Capture ideas and thoughts – 

So many times a blogger need to retain thoughts in the form of pictures, document or Microsoft Excel, Word etc. Dropbox will help you to achieve it with one click.

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The best part is its sync up all your work on the phone, PC or tablet. So you can start working on phone or tablet in the office or school and finish it at evening at home computer. You never ever have to copy or email your files from one device to other.

Use + icon in Dropbox app to create or scan new document, upload photo
Use + icon in Dropbox app to create or scan new document, upload photo

Scan document or picture – 

Scan document as and when required. A blogger has to scan document several times to store document or whiteboard work. Dropbox can do it for you. You do not have to install a separate app for that.

Dropbox sign up

Collaborate with different blogger –

A blogger has to share the work with different people to complete a work, webinar or any other task. With Dropbox, now you can share the file from your desktop. You can know exactly when someone is working on a file and will never lose anything.

Dropbox file share
Share file instantly with your friends on Dropbox

With Microsoft co-authoring, you can share content for MS office in real time. Creator and the people who were using that files will be notified immediately as you modify the file.

You can modify the file and people can comment for the feedback. You can then act on the comments and resolve the issue. You never have to use email again.

Here is a quick video tutorial:

You also have a feature of preview to see a file even if you do not have Word, Excel or photoshop installed on your desktop.

Secure your files – 

Once you start sharing files with friends, you need to secure the access. You need to make sure who can edit or have write permission. With Dropbox, you can set it with one click.

Also, you can manage the version of your files for up to one month. So you can always recover the previous status of the file.

Is it free?

Dropbox comes free with all the feature with a limited space of 2 GB. If you want more space , you can buy pro version at around $9 (600 INR) per month.


Dropbox is a great way to increase your productivity as a blogger. It has added the new feature to create, manage and share your document efficiently. The next generation of the blogger needs to collaborate to create effective content. Dropbox has everything to help you.

Dropbox can help you to manage data, pictures, scanned documents and rough notes. Using Microsoft office with Dropbox makes it very powerful.

Use these new features of Dropbox while creating a post, collaboration with another blogger, or scanning rough sketches or diagram on whiteboard or paper.

Dropbox sign up

  • I wish that I could take an idea, research it like you and put it on paper in the same fashion that I have just read. Your ideas are fantastic.

  • I love Dropbox! It simplified a lot of my online work. I use it in my transcription business to receive audios from clients and it makes things drag and drop easy for them instead of having to wait around on uploads in Basecamp or having to worry about bounced emails with attachments.

  • Ravi, these are some great resources to help productivity! I rely on DropBox and Evernote – have experimented with some of the others, and now I get to experiment with the rest! Just want to add that on Mac, I use Voila for screen captures and like it overall, though I’m going to check out Skitch now because hey – never know when a better mousetrap may come along!!!

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