How To Use Answering Sites like Quora to Promote your Blog

Answering sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers is still untouched by many bloggers. It is one of the best ways to generate quality traffic. In this post, I am going to discuss step by step process to promote your articles on these sites.

Lets first see what are these answering sites?

Yahoo answers , Quora and other sites like these are created to share knowledge. People ask the question and get answers from experts. People answering these question with real life experience make its a great pool of knowledge.

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These two pictures explain it better:


How Quora is Changing the World


From Visually.

Google recently started giving better page rank on the search result for Quora making it very important for a blogger to exploit it.

So now you know what is answering sites. It is very important to take advantage of it use it to bring some more traffic to your blog.

Why Answering site like Quora is important for your blog?

Google rank Quora better in search result- 

For a given keyword most often Google return Quora answer on the first page. once you participate in the community and start providing the answers, there are more chances that people will visit the link or URL you provide.

Here is one example:

Quora ranks higher in Google


Get direct links from Quora – 

Even though Quora outbound links are Nofollow; that means it will not improve your Google page ranking or increase your backlinks, but you still can get followers, sales, and visitors to your blog.

Quora has a rich base of users , that gives you lot of eyeball to your blog.

Create online reputation – 

Once you start answering people on Quora, you will get followers and reputation. People will trust you and it will help you to become the influencer.

Provide help to the community-

You will also get self-satisfaction when you answer people question. You will get a chance to help the community and at the same time add knowledge to your wealth.

Social media integration-

Quora is tightly integrated with all social media sites, so you can post an answer and instantly share it with Twitter, Facebook etc and let the world know about it.

Here are the steps to get started:


Quora Infographics



If used appropriately, Quora can bring you a lot of traffic. It also helps you to promote your individual post. You need to find the question which is  related to your post and then start answering those. As a reward, you can provide your blog post as reference URL or detailed review.

There are examples where people made sales, get followers and received email subscribers. Integration of Quora with social media gives you more power to share it with the world.

With self-promotion, you can also help the community with your knowledge. You can build the reputation, and make your blog famous.

I hope this post provide you one more way to promote and get more visitors to your blogs. Let me know how much traffic you are getting from Quora? And what else we should do to increase the visitors from answering sites like Quora.

  • Hey Ravi

    Thanks for the detailed Guide.

    I am using Quora from last few months, but haven’t got nay traffic. Although i am still experimenting a bit, to know, where I need to place links in my Answers and how related answers will get traffic to my blog.

    BTW, keep up the good work.

    ~ Jelina

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