How To Start Your Blog in 20 minutes

I have been asked this question several times about how to quickly start your own blog. How much time, money and effort it may take. I will try to answer those question here.


How to Start your blog

As a newbie, you can start with free blogging tools like Blogger and WordPress. They are completely free but you have limited customization. Below Infographic explains it well:

Free vs paid blogging

How To Create Self Hosted Blog

As you grow into your blogging career, you want more control and customization. Every pro blogger has to move to Self hosted blog sometime. Self Hosted blog has all the feature including customization of source code and tons of features. I will recommend you to read this post before moving further:

Why You Should Choose Self Hosting for Your Blog

The first step for the self-hosted blog is to buy a domain name and Hosting package. It is required to create your brand name as a domain and hosting space to keep your source file, images, and other media.

Hurray! I am creating my new blog!

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I will highly recommend buying hosting and domain name from a single provider as most of them will provide you this as a deal or a combo package.

I personally recommend Siteground? for Your Manage WordPress hosting.

Important Read

Read this post to find why I have selected Siteground for my WordPress Blog

Step By Step Guide For Starting WordPress Blog On Siteground

Step 1: Click this Link and Choose Your hosting Package From Siteground

Siteground package-min

My Personal recommendation is Growbig plan as it is bestseller because it includes professional WordPress migration service, Super cache plugin, with backup restore option. It is good for beginners.

Step 2: Create your New Domain name

siteground enter domain-min

Step 3: Create a new Login and Enter Your Personal And Payment Information

Click on next enter personal detail, payment information and then submit. 

enter your information siteground-min
Final screen siteground-min

Siteground is my personal favourite as it is best and reliable. Please follow below video to understand how to setup domain name and Web Hosting for Siteground.

Step 4: Choose Your WordPress Theme

Once Your WordPress is ready on your hosting domain, the last step is to select a WordPress Theme. You can get lot of free WordPress Theme from Google. But as a serious WordPress Blogger, you should always buy a paid WordPress Theme.

I personally recommend to use Studiopress and Generatepress Theme for your WordPress Blog. Below post is a must read to understand why you should buy Studiopress Theme.

Why You Need Paid Theme For Your Blog

Why I Switched to Genesis Theme

So now you are ready with your WordPress blog. Go ahead and write a new post!

Step5: Installed Required Plugin For WordPress

Once Your WordPress is ready, the next step is to install some required plugins to get started. But be aware do not install too many plugins, it may slow down your blog.

I am mentioning only required plugins you should have:

Akismet Anti-Spam - Plugin To stop Spam attack to Your Blog

Yoast SEO Plugin - A must plugin to improve SEO of your blog.

Jetpack - I use this plugin to take backup of my blog, site stats and image perfromance

WP Super cache - A plugin to create cache for your WordPress to load it faster.

  • Hi Ravi,

    Yes indeed, you mentioned the main things to keep in mind to start a blog 🙂

    Your post reminded me of the time when I started my blog, long back, though it was on a free blogger platform. Later of course, we switched to WordPress, and there has been no looking back. I guess for newbies, it’s best to try the free platform and once they are sure to carry on with blogging, then go for the paid or premium version, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

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