How To Select A Niche For Your New Blog – A Comprehensive Approach

A Niche is something you need to find out even before you start a blog. It is a process which needs research and more time. Selecting a wrong niche will cost you money and time. I am going to explain how to correctly identify a Niche for your new blog.


What is a Niche?

You will create a niche blog when you want to target a specific set of market. It could be a particular region, area, interest or a set or group of people. 

For example - If you want to write to write about traveling in India; it is a niche blog specific to that interest.

Already have a Niche?

Already selected your niche? If yes, then jump directly here to understand How To Create a Blog in less than 20 minutes.

Why You need to Select a Niche?

You should select a Niche before starting a blog. There are many benefits of doing that.

Google will love you If you stick to a niche. You can establish authority to your topic and Google will rank you better.

Check Neil Patel blog, why it always rank better when you search blogging related niche on Google. The reason is simple; he blogs according to niche. The result is obvious, he is one of top-ranked blogger:

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Use Google to find niche

The Second advantage is your reader will never confuse.

If you are writing 5 different niches in the same blog, your reader may not consider you an expert on the subject.

Consider a situation where I write; Travel, Food, and Finance all niche in the same blog. Wouldn't it be a confusing situation for the readers?

The third advantage is the category. If you have one niche in a blog; you can easily categorize it for the different post. The more niche or topic in a blog will make it impossible to manage category.

So always stick to one niche in a blog.

How to Get Niche Ideas

If you are working on your Niche, You can be in two situations. You already know the topic or topics you want to write. Or you have no idea about what Niche to choose?

When You Know Your Interest

When you know your interest, It will take less time to narrow down your niche.

When I say you know, it means you know what you write about. For example, you love traveling and you have more ideas about it.

You know the subject, you traveled and it is your passion. So obviously you can write more about it.

You should never select a topic on which you can run out of ideas or lose interest over time.

Once you narrow your niche, you need to make it more specific. For example, if your niche is food, what kind of geographic food you are writing about. Are you limited to the recipe or also going to review food books.

So within a niche, there is more research you need to do.

So now Let's see what are the factors you should consider before you select your niche.

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself for Your Niche

Is It Your passion?

Do You love your niche? Can you write 100 article about it? Can you create a course or organize a webinar about it. Ask yourself these question before finalizing a niche.


Can you create some unique content around your niche. There could be thousands of blog around a niche but that does not matter. If you can bring uniqueness to your blog niche, you should go about it.


Do you know how much competition you have for this niche? It is a bit risky if this content is too competitive. But you can still go ahead with it if you know this is the only topic you are confident about.


Money is not the ultimate goal for the blog, but it is important. Do you know if you can generate revenue from your blog? Do you have a plan to monetize it? Can you project revenue for a year from this blog.


Have you wrote about this topic in the past. It can be a deciding factor. Any experience count. You already have some followers and it will help you to get more publicity about your blog.


Do you have some money to invest in your blogging? It is important because based on your niche, you need to buy tools, hosting, design, and other services for which you need some money to start with.

Once you have answers to the above question, you can start researching on your niche.

There are various tools; free and paid to research on your topic.

Use Google Search and Trends

Google is the first place to research your topics. Search with the possible keyword in Google.

Use Google to find competition

Find about all possible topics in that niche and how much competition you have in that. Read some of the post and see what people are liking about the topics.

Google trends is another place to find how much interest people have on that topic.

Search Community around the Niche

Sometimes more competition is good for the niche. Search community around the niche on Facebook, reddit, Tumblr etc. Find if you have possible meetup happening in your country or city.

Use Reddit to find niche

A community will give you more audience and helps you in longer run to establish authority.

Use Paid tools like Buzzsumo to get in depth of the Niche

We have today various tools available like Buzzsumo, Ahref and SEMrush to see in depth about the niche;Like the competition, Influencers and blog post around the topics.

Find trending topic using Buzzsumo

Use any of these tools to get more data about the niche. It can help you find if it is worth choosing a particular niche.

Use Question Answer Sites

Question answer site like Quora, Yahoo answers etc are a great resource to find if enough people are asking question around it. It will give you hint, how popular the niche is.

quora answer site

Check How the Niche is trending on Social Media

Check how your niche is performing in social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag to see the trends.

Check how many posts were shared using the hashtag. Buzzsumo is again a great tool to analyze the trending topics for Facebook and other social media.

The more popular the topic, you have a better chance of success.

When You do not Sure About The Niche

It could be possible that you are not sure about your niche and you want to start blogging just for money. If that is the case with you, there is nothing wrong with it. People do blog just to earn from it.

Here are some of Niche which is popular in the market to earn consistent income.

  • Weight loss and Fitness
  • Blogging tools and review 
  • Dating And Relationship
  • Pets
  • Self Improvement
  • Account and Finance
  • Earn money from Internet
  • Gadgets and Technology

Over To You

Before you start a blog, make sure you decide your niche carefully, so that you do not have to regret later. Talk to your friends, community and forum to get more ideas.

There are tools available in the market like Google, SEMrush, Buzzsumo which can help you with Niche.

Remember a wrong niche can hurt your time and money in the future. You may also lose the interest over time. So make sure you chose the correct one.

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  • Awesome guide Ravi. Niche selection is the most important part of blogging. Most people get away with the success of bloggers and then start following them by starting a blog on a similar niche. But gradually they explore that it is not easy to continue as there is passion linked that. One must blog on such a niche where they can talk or write till they die. Excellent article for a newbie, Tweeted. 🙂

  • Great guide! I definitely think bloggers should pick a niche about something they are passionate about. Can you write about this EVERY single day if you could? It doesn’t have to just be something they are knowledgable in because most knowledge can be gained over time.

  • I was looking for the same before I read this article. I would love to thank you for this amazing article and sharing this valuable information with us.

  • Hey Ravi,
    A niche should interest the blogger otherwise it becomes tough to keep working on it. I cannot work on a technology blog if it doesn’t interest me.
    Another importance factor is the availability of content, knowledge and audience for that niche. It just makes the work of a blogger easier.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Vineet Saxena

  • I believe to choose their own niche to start a blog, aspiring bloggers must choose topics that are very interesting to them. Blogging is not easy as they think what other blogger tell them. It takes hardwork to make results and if you are not enjoying what you do, then aspiring bloggers will not have the strength to pursue what they started when what they expect doesn’t happen. So I suggest to the topics you love to learn or talk about.

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