How to Secure your Wireless Router

We all uses Wireless router sometime or other.From last 4-5 years its use has been increased as its cost have been decreased and people like to be wireless and they don’t like wire.It gives us freedom to carry our laptop,tablet or phone anywhere in our homes.

Lets see how we can take simple steps and make our router secure and safe:

  • Take complete control of your router – You can login to your router control panel by using this url (Most of the router has this url else you can check specific manual of your router)In the beginning it will blank as default password.Set a strong password for it.You can use system setting to set a new password for administrator.

You must set a strong PSK (pre shared key) password which let any computer to connect to router.Remember this is the last point  to connect to your router.



  • Choose a strong encryption for your router – Encryption is used to encode your data to and from router.It makes the data difficult to read if somebody intercept it in between.Wi-fi has many encryption techniques available but I will recommend you to choose the difficult and toughest one.WPA/WPA2 are the strongest encryption available presently in most router.
  • Secure your SSID – service set identification(SSID) is unique identifier of your router network.Every router comes with default SSID.Change it from default and give it a unique name.Also remove broadcast SSID as it will prohibit display of network around range.This option is generally used in airport and other public places and may not be appropriate for home.



  • Use complete firewall features –You can block any particular or range a IP or mac address.Using this you can prohibit all IP address except yours.So even if somebody connected to your router, he can’t access internet.You can also set timings of the block.It is a very good feature to use with.You can also use security log to check events.

Remember A weak Wifi can be a easily opened to attack and someone can misuse it.It has been found many a times that anto social element or terrorist may sometime use it to send message.So protect your wifi and be safe!

  • There is a possibility that you may not be able to log in to your router using the default or custom password. If the password and username do not work even after a hard reset, you can contact the router support service.

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