How To Quickly Double Your Blog Traffic Without A Penny

Traffic is certainly the most important factor in determining the success of a blog. If You are focussing only on the traditional way for generating traffic, it may take years before you get the good amount of traffic you aim to require. Which is why branching out to various forms of marketing is quite essential as well. To know more on it, visit


The plan I am discussing below will not only increase the traffic but can double it no time without spending any money.

Add Long Tail Keyword

New bloggers often focus on short or one-word keyword. But actually, 80% to 90% traffic comes from four to five-word keyword or long tail keywords.

Long-tail keyword can easily give you the better ranking and people search often the product using the similar keyword.

Keyword from Google serch-min

Here is how you can maximize your blog coverage to long tail keyword and it can double your traffic.

Find Long Tail Keyword

The first step is to find long tail keyword. You can use Google Keyword tool to find long tail keyword. There is also another way to find long tail keyword using Google search result pages. Long tail keyword displayed at the bottom of the search result.

Alternative keyword from Google serch-min

Bonus – I personally recommend Kwfinder, a free keyword research tool to find long tail keyword.

Use Long Tail Keyword in Your Post

Once you find the long tail keyword, the next step is to use those keywords inside your post. Make sure your post contains different variance of the keyword and use it wisely. Also, you need to make sure it appears once. Please do not overuse long tail keyword. It should look relevant to your article.

Also, remember not all keyword will be relevant to your topic. But at least it will expose new keyword to your article.

Use Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are shown at Google search listing result. It contains rating and review of your post. It helps readers to quickly understand about your product or review without actually landing on your post.

With rich snippets, people are more likely to click search result from Google. Research shows 30%-40% increase in click rates and better credibility for your blog.

Rich snipets with ratings-min

This is an incredible resource for your blog which can increase traffic without spending any money on ads.

Bonus – I personally recommend WP Review Pro plugin for WordPress to create rich snippets, review, and ratings for your post.

Once you create your rich snippets, you can use Google Snippets tool to find if there is an error with your snippets. Also, you need to give some time for Google before it can index your pages and start showing snippets.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship is another example which can double your traffic from the search result. It is a great way to show your picture and picture related to your blog in front of the search result.

Rich snippets example-min

It proves that you have written the article and improves your blog’s credibility. With a combination of Google authorship and rich snippets, it can double or sometimes triple your traffic.

Setting Google authorship is very simple and one-time process. Please follow this article to create one for your blog.

Write Catchy headline and Titles

Blog post meta title and description are very important. This is what people see in search result pages. It can stand you out from your competitors.It will also increase your click through result.

Look at this example below:

Below search result is for keyword Thrive Leads review:

  • The description clearly says what is the product
  • How it can help readers
  • What is the problem and solution

Google search result-min

One of the reasons why these results are on top is that of their title and description.They will definitely generate more clicks.

Writing meta title and description is a habit. Think of it is like a promotion where you have to make sure you promote your skills and expertise.

At the same time, SEO is also very important. Make sure keyword related to your article comes at least once in the description.

Search result in Google with relevant keyword and title will attract visitors to your post and increase your traffic.

Do Not Forget Internal Links

It is small but very important part of your blog. It will supercharge your blog and create more backlinks. Backlinks from high ranking pages will increase your page authority.

Also, remember home page of your blog has the maximum number of backlinks, so it is also not a bad idea to create links from home page.

Bonus Tips – Create a list of pages you want to rank higher. Now find all pages in your blog with high SEO and page ranking and start linking your target pages.

Video Summary Of the Post

Over To You

Relying just on the conventional way to building backlinks and wait for traffic will take years. These steps will quickly and easily generate more traffic for you. Please share your thoughts If these steps help you to build more traffic.

  • Hi Ravi,
    It is true that bloggers fail because of less traffic. Using long tail keyword is really a good idea for increasing the traffic. Thanks for letting us know how we can find those keywords using google keyword tool, at bottom of google search pages. Just got to know about this free tool kwfinder.

    Excellent post! The various ideas you have given certainly increases backlinks and also traffic to our blog.
    Best regards
    Reji Stephenson

    • Thank you for your post Reji.Long tail is very important and you should consider it from the beginning when you start writing.Glad you like the kwfinder tool. Again thank you for stopping by and comment.

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