How to pay all your utility bill together at one place

Nowadays nearly all the bills we have to pay in India has been made online.Major utility bill like Gas,Phone,Cable,Insurance, Electricity etc.But major problem we face is that we need to go to each individual site and have to manage and pay bill separately.

I was searching on net for a common platform to manage and pay utility bill.I did find a good site VisaBillPay.It has a very easy interface to pay and view all your bills.The points to be noted here is that you can only use visa credit/debit card to pay your bill.

Here are some of the key benefits of using VisaBillPay services:

  • Register once and pay everytime – You just need to enter your card detail once to this site and then just select your card to pay.You can save more than one card to your account also.Same way you need to add biller details once and pay to them every month.
  • Gain complete control on your bill – You can view,pay and track your bills.Whenever you receive any new bill, you will be notified by mail and sms.So now you need not to check for your bills regularly.So at a particular day of any month you can pay all your bills from this site.The best part is you will receive all bills electronically and don’t have to wait for physical bill.

This site will keep all your bill records archive for 6 months.If you concern about security, It uses 128 bit RC4 SSL encryption.In internet security world It will be considered very strong encryption. GCP cloud security and compliance is what one needs to keep their system and file secure. As like many other service provider this service is absolutely free of cost.So that a lot of good service. lets see steps to get started –

Visa alert setup

You can either pay by register or as a guest login, Register will give you more control on you bill and make it easier to see records of payment.. lets see steps to get started –

Visabillpay option


  1. Signup on visabillpay
  2. Register your respective billers like Electricity bill etc
  3. From next month cycle you will receive alert about new bill notification
  4. Login to visa and authorize the payments
  5. You will receive confirmation mail about your payment.
Visa bill pay

Visabillpay will take proper care of your privacy and never share your personal information to any other third party.

So why wait go ahead and take complete control on your bill payments.I will end this post with this nice visa ad.