How To Make a Habit Of Writing One Blog Post Every Day

Writing a blog post every day is not easy. Even for a full-time blogger, it is not easy. It is a combination of discipline, routine, and hard work. I am trying to follow it now and thought to share it with you.

How To Make a Habit Of Writing One Blog Post Every Day

First, let’s see what are the benefits of writing one blog post every day:

  • Not always but most of the time more post means more traffic
  • Google may rank you better if you have more post
  • As a blogger, you will grow more by writing more post
  • You will be in a habit of writing
  • To be an influencer in your niche, you have to have good amount of post under your belt
  • You will be trusted among the bloggers
  • At the end, there is always a chance of more earning because of more post

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So now lets learn how you can develop a habit of creating one post every day?

I would like to explain it using Charles Duhigg post – How Habits Works? He explains in his post about how to create a habit.

Let me explain quickly about it – It consists of three things; Cue, routine, and reward.

How habits work by Charles Duhigg

Cue is specifically related to the time when you blog. It can be in the morning 8 AM, After the lunch or in the evening before dinner. You have to decide a specific time for the blogging and stick to it.

Unless you follow a cue in blogging, you cannot achieve a post every day. You need to find perfect timing in a day which you can follow every day.

The second part is routine. A routing is set of task you do ever time. For example, before starting a post; you open WordPress, start writing a post, then reply to others blog and comments and so on. You need to exactly find the task and perform it every day in a sequence.

This step is very important, as unless you follow a routine, you cannot write a post every day.

The last part is Reward. You need to reward yourself after every milestone. For example after 40% completion of your post, you can have a chocolate or 10 mins of email and Facebook.

If you work on the concept of reward, you can carry your routine for the longer time.

One great idea could be to complete your post on the weekend and schedule it on weekdays.

Do not Worry what other thinks :

You need to stop worrying what your readers think about your post. In the beginning, just go on with your post. Just concentrate on your writing.

What other think about you

If you think too much about the audience, you may not able to complete the target of writing a post every day.

Keep your reasons in front of you – 

Why do you want to write one post every day? Everyone has their own reason. You want to be a full-time writer, you want to earn more money from the blog or you want to leave your current job and want to spend more time with your family.

Your reason could be anything but it should be a strong motivation to keep you engaged. Keep your goal and reason in front of you to keep you self-motivated.

Work in Agile –

Most of the software development currently happens in Agile model. It means you work on parallel releases. So in a blogging world, it means you need to work on the parallel post. While you are finishing with one post, you should have decided the name of the second post with 40 percent completion.

Parallel Blog Post

If you want to write a post every day, you need to work in parallel mode.

Do not Burn out –

Do not burnout

This is the most important rule. You should work smarter and not harder to make sure you do not burn out yourself. Plan and execute your work accordingly and make sure you do not ruin your health.

Keep your notes handy –

When you are working on multiple posts, it is easy to loose ideas or important points. Make sure you keeps your notes handy and have your rough draft documented.

Keep taking notes

Here is a good post about how to save time while creating post:

 Outrageous Ideas To Save Time While Creating your Post


Writing a blog post every day is a very challenging task for a blogger. You can achieve it by careful planning. It requires a disciplined behavior. It can also be a habit if practiced for longer.

If you want to be a full-time blogger or want to be fully financially independent, you should try it.

I would love to hear from you, what you think about a blog post every day. What strategy would you follow to implement it?

  • I can totally relate to it. In November last year, I went on to post a poem a day for 41 days.
    But don’t you think you need equal amount of talent and creativity to refrain from posting repetitive content?

  • Good Article. I try doing this but fail every time to meet my time of writing and completing the articles. Some time start writing one article in a niche but mind diverts from this and goes to some other niche finally not completing both.

  • Good tips on how to get into the habit of writing a blog post every day. Its not an easy thing to do if you have other things to do with your life but its possible. Will try to implement some of the tips you have given..

    Thank you

  • That would be amazing to do a blog post every day, I started blogging at the end of last year and was doing two per week and then down to one per week due to studying etc. For me to write one blog requires a certain frame of thought and once that clicks into place I just go for it. A great goal to aspire for!

    Thanks for the post.

  • Wonderful share. Personally I think choosing a topic and then preparing all the articles one by one to cover the entire topic is a great idea to write a blog post daily. If you don’t have any plan, then you will simply spend huge tome to find what to write and you may miss this schedule of publishing a blog post daily. Thanks for this share.

  • Hi Ravi,

    The blog post update frequency can vary as per the niche of that blog. However, posting useful unique content daily is definitely a plus point irrespective of niche.

    Writing a post everyday is not an easy job for many. The cue routine reward exercise can be really handy. Thanks for the share.

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