How to get Information about your Election Candidate

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Election is just finished in Chhattisgarh, and it is going to happen in Delhi,Mizoram,MP,Rajasthan and Mizoram in Nov and Dec 2013.We have Lok sabha election in 2014.In this post I am going to discuss very important topic on how to get information about candidate contesting in these election.

It happens so often we give our precious vote to a party without getting all information about a particular candidate.Do we research enough?In below video Aamir Khan explain in a nice way how when we have to find a match for our daughter, we research so much about the groom.But when it is time to vote, we do not spend much time to get information about the candidate.

We basically give vote on these 3 basic factors:

  • Caste/Religion – Such a easy reason for people to vote.If a candidate belongs to your caste,  people have not give a second thought to vote him.This is the reason most of the time party nominating candidate whose caste belongs to majority of the people in local area.
  • Money – Happens often in India, Candidates offer money to voters to lure them.People vote to candidates who offers them money,food and wine.
  • In the name of party – Sometime we vote for party and not for the candidate.For example in case of  Lok sabha election we often give vote to party and forgot to check background of the candidate.

Let see this video from Aamir Khan:

So the question arises do we actually research enough about candidate before vote.Do we know where to get info about any individual candidate.I am going to present a detailed information as well a video tutorial to explain about it.

Internet is now a major source of information and even a smaller thing about any political leader is easily available on internet.Any criminal information,scandal,controversy etc about any individual is available on internet.So lets see step by step how to get info about any particular election candidate.

  1. Know more about the candidates of a constituency – ADR(Association for Democratic Reforms) provides vital information about all election candidate for which election is going to happen in coming days.It contains profile and affidavit scan copy which is filed by candidate while filing nomination.Their site name is You can browse your local area and find detail about all major details.It has two major details which we must consider before electing any candidate.Pending criminal cases and details of their assets ,property and education.

Definitely nobody wants to elect somebody who has rape, murder or any such cases pending against them.Also property/assets details gives us some idea whether the candidate has earned huge some of money in short time and may involved in some bribe case recently.Education is another major factor as somebody who is not even graduate, does not even deserve to be considered for vote.

You can get info about any candidate by following way:

  • Visit site:
  • You can get complete details of your candidate by calling them at 1800-110-440 or sending SMS at 9246556070
  • Get app for android here
  • By Sms  SMS MYNETA <constituency name> to 9246556070 or 56070
  • SMS MYNETA <pincode> to 9246556070 or 56070

For more information on how to contact them go here.They basically provides information about  Criminal records, Assets, Liabilities and Education Qualifications and also provide copy of affidavit belong to candidate.

2. Research – So getting info about affidavit, property and education is one thing and doing research on it and other thing.It is just not enough to believe info on affidavit and better to rely on your own research.With the power of Google search, you can get a lot of information about the candidate.For example any recent criminal activity his behavior , latest video, newspaper clippings of any speech and lot of things.In below video tutorial, I try to present one of the example related to it.


So remember just voting is not your responsibility, but also electing a right and responsible candidate is also your duty.Do little bit of research and also vote according to merit of the candidate.You need to keep three things in mind –  Education,Property and criminal records of the candidate.Please search for your candidate from this site and let us know how do you research about your local candidates.