How to File you Income tax free in India

As a salaried employee, I am filling my income tax return From last 4 years.I always did it thru an agent.I never want to take pain to filling it myself.But this year I decided to do it myself.So I start researching ways and instructions on internet.

I tried it first from income tax website , but soon I realized it is very complex and little difficult to understand for common man(Who is not from financial background) then I find a new site has completely blown me away.

Cleartax is so easy to operate and fill.Its interface can be easily understandable.It provides you a nice User interface to fill your income tax return. I will explain you how to fill it step by step:

Easy rite!





  • Keep your from 16 handy – You get it from your company, for Infosys employee  you need to upload Sal certificate instead of Form 16 on cleartax.
  • Now lets login and see what are the things we need to fill. First section is personal info and we need to fill stuff like name,Pan no etc which is very easy.








  • Next section is to declare Income sources – This is little tricky. you first need to upload Form 16 by which cleartax fetch most of the fields and fill automatically.You need to fill your employer address and Tan no from form 16







  • Now go to next section which is Income other than salary .You need to declare Interest from Fixed deposit , shares or other capital gain (Of course it is other than salary)
  • Declare home loan – This section is important , you need to declare Home loan here if you can claim upto 1,50,000 INR for your home loan.This section is also filled automatically from your from 16, you need to fill your home address manually.Next two section and Capital gain and Business and profession which is I am sure not applicable for Salaried employee.

Still if you any , please fill it accordingly.






  • Deductions –  Next section is deductions , It will also filled automatically from form 16, just checked it once to verify the same





  • Taxes – Next section is meant to add TDS you paid other than salary, for ex- if you have paid TDS on bank interest, mentioned it here

You’re almost done click on go next and it will verify whether you filled all the details.In case of anything missing it will generate xml error.Click on the error correct it.Once you are done with it you are ready to fill your return to income tax website.

You will see this screen if All is well!

Click on Efile my income tax return and it will submit your form to income tax website.It may take 2-3 attempts as income tax are overloaded some time.

Once your form will be submitted you will get an acknowledgement from income tax department to validate they have received your return.You need to print, sign it and send it to CPC address ( By ordinary post or Speed post) mentioned at end of the acknowledgement form.I will advice to send it by ordinary post.

After 7-10 days once IT department will receive your acknowledgment form they will notify you by mail and sms.

Once you received this notification, you’re done and you can relax now you have just efiled your income tax return! !!







Here is a Cleartax Video tutorial to help you:

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