How to Efficiently take backup of pictures in India

cameraWe all take pictures, videos at important occasion like marriage, birthday, anniversary etc.But are we really preserving them or taking appropriate backup of them? Around 10+ years back we used to have old reel camera in a roll shape.This prohibits us to take less pictures and took days to get print of the pictures.At present everything has converted to digital and we take more pictures and videos and see it in no time.Earlier it used to be in hard albums and now it is converted to cd’s, dvd and pen drive.

Why you need efficient way to take backups:

  • May have chances of loosing pictures in futures
  • As numbers of pictures increase so as size and hence you should have enough space to store it
  • There should be some way to search pictures
  • Pictures should be portable and always accessible to you, anywhere

Lets see some major way we used to store/backup access pictures in India their pros and cons:

  • DVD’s backup – This is a traditional way to take backup.You need to have a blank dvd and a dvd writer to take backup of your pictures.It is very easy way to take backup from your desktop PC.

Pros –

    • Cheapest way to take backup
    • Allow you to take more than one copy of backup
    • Distribute the pics in different dvds and hence less chances of loosing all pictures
    • long lasting ways to keep pics, if handle dvd carefully
    • Internet is not required

Cons –

    • A small scratch in dvd can damage complete set of pictures
    • As no’s of pictures increase so as dvds and becomes bulky
    • Cannot carry it everywhere
    • Need a dvd writer in PC
    • No way to work with mobile phones until copy pictures to PC

  • External hard disk – This is the another medium often used in India to take backup of pictures.I consider it worst way to store pictures.It can be a good way to take backup of movies,Operating system etc.

pros –

  • Central way to store pictures
  • plug and play like usb to copy pictures
  • No internet connection required

Cons –

  • A small scratch/problem in hard disk can damage complete content
  • Very bulky
  • No way to distribute pics in different places
  • More risk of loosing pictures
  • No way to work with mobile phones unless copy pictures to PC

  • Cloud storage – This is the latest addition in the world of internet for photos backup.It provides you virtual disk on the internet to store your pictures.You use internet to upload and download the pictures and anywhere access it with internet.
    Some major companies provide free cloud storage:

Picasaweb – An online photo storage provider from Google.It provides you total 16 GB.It is good enough to store photos.If you have consumed all your spaces, you can also buy extra spaces with little charges of around $5/month.It has app for PC but not for mobile devices which helps you to upload pictures directly.

gmail storage
Google Drive space


Dropbox – Another important online backup service provider.It gives you 2-16 GB free space and after that you can buy a package at around $9.99.It provides an excellent interface and provides apps for nearly all mobile devices including ipad.It also provides easier way to share your pictures with friends and family.It is little costly but only provider with apps for almost every devices.


Flickr – I love it most as it is provides maximum of 1TB disk space for your pictures and videos.Guess what it is 100% free of cost.It has also wonderful integration with Facebook, tumble, twiiter etc so as to share the pics on different social media.Only catch is if you are using free version you will see ads.To use it ads free you need to pay approx Rs 3700($50).


Box Another important cloud storage site.It provides 50 GB free storage and can extend upto 100GB + by taking paid plan.It has very nice feature of syncing all your photos to cloud storage.It has almost apps for all devices including PC and mobile devices.

pros of cloud storage –

    • Carry it anywhere and access it with internet
    • Can work with both PC and mobile phone devices
    • Security and disk spaces is taken care by companies
    • Easier to access and share
    • Less risk of loosing pictures, almost no

Cons of cloud storage –

    • Internet is required to access it
    • May not be suitable to India, where we do not have access of Internet everywhere
    • Little costly than conventional backup
    • People are not that educated about this feature everywhere in India
    • Need some technical knowledge


Photos are and will be one of the most important part in your life.As you grow older in your life you will miss these days and want to see them later.Preserving photos nowadays are very important.As some options I mentioned above, I never suggest to use only one of the above.You need to make priorities and then take backup.It means use a mix of above combinations to backup your pictures.You also have to Efficiently use the disk space from cloud storage.

You can divide your photos into different categories like Family, Friends & others.


Picture category
Picture categories and backup sources

Family – The most important category, contains all pictures involving your family.You can take backup of all photos to your dvd first.Then start uploading important one (not all) to cloud storage.

Friends – Second most important, can contains close friends from office,school and neighbors.You can do same things here as above.Take complete backup of pictures to DVD first and then upload only few and special moments pictures to cloud storage.

Others – This contains rest all, including beautiful scenes, not so close friends, and everything.You just need to take backup of these pictures to dvd.

Videos – I am mentioning it different section as videos generally are in big size and uploading it to cloud storage may not be a good idea.For family videos you can upload it to youtube and keep it private so that nobody from public can access it and also take a dvd backup.For all other videos , uploading it to youtube will be enough.

So I hope this post will make you aware you about preserving your pictures.Please do share your thoughts how you take backup of important pictures by using comments section below.Here is an video from Smugmug which I love to watch: