How to Create Passive Income from your Blog

Blogging is one thing and getting revenue from them is another thing. Unable to create consistent income from your blog may result in losing focus from your blog, demotivation and unable to pay cost related to the blogging like web hosting, domain name and other costs.

Most bloggers use ads like Google Adsense or other contextual ads to generate revenue. They are very slow income generation method and normally takes the time to generate considerable amount. You need a huge traffic before you earn anything from Google Adsense.

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So what are the other way to generate income from your blog. The way which takes less time but generate income on a longer run.

Let me explain some of them in detail:

E-book:  Creating an E-book is easy and it is a long term way of generating income. You can create e-book related to your blog or niche and give it either free or sell it on Amazon or Kindle. An Example can be how to “How to generate traffic to your Blog in 48 hours”  ” How to maximize Facebook likes” etc. If you have photography related you can also write an e-book like 20 great way to take the outdoor picture”.

There are two benefits of E-book

  • Create it once and you can sell it on Amazon or Kindle it for lifelong
  • Give it free to your readers and make them subscribe to your blog, which in turn will create more traffic.

How to Create E-book:

  • Use open source word document creator like Openoffice as it is free and the document can be easily converted to pdf and Kindle format.
  • If you need ideas about the topic which is popular and in demand, I would recommend using a tool like SemRush or Market Samurai. These tools will help you find the keyword which has been searched recently by people, their ranking and how popular it is. You can then select the topic.
  • Once your E-book is ready, sell it on Amazon and Kindle. You can get more info here about how to sell your e-book on Amazon and Kindle.

Here are some good examples of e-books:

ProbloggingSuccess E-book from Jane:

Problogging ebook-min (1)-min

Shalu Sharma Collection of E-books:



Create some tools –

Creating some tools and selling them to others bloggers or people is always a nice option to earn some money. If you are a WordPress blogger, you can create some cool themes or plugin and earn money. If you have some technical knowledge you can create apps for differents platform like iPhone, Android or windows phone and earn long term money.

You do not have to be technical all the time. If you have an idea, you can hire developer and programmer as a freelancer and get it done. I would also suggest visiting Shopify app development center where you can earn revenue from your apps when someone purchase it.

Create community or Forum – 

Once your reader base is little bigger like 1K plus. You can also create Forum to generate extra revenue. Adsense works very well in a place like Forum and can generate some good revenue for you.

You can check this post to learn how to create Forum for your blog:

How to Create Forum for your Blog

You can also create a blogger community or directory for a specific niche like photography and travel and can generate revenue from the community.

The whole idea is to create some free services and earn revenue from ads or paid memberships. Some good examples are Indiblogger, Indianbloggers.



Write product review – 

This is also called affiliate promotion and many bloggers use it to promote a product and earn commission on it. You can select a product based on your blog niche and then write an honest review about the product with the video tutorial.

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People will visit your blog and can buy the product from your special link and you will earn a percentage on the sale price as a commission.

Once your blog becomes popular, you will also be approached from product owner to write a paid review about the product and they will pay you directly.

Provide paid services –

Once you are an expert of your niche, you can also start to provide paid services to earn some revenue. For example, if you write about blogging tips or about technology; you can offer paid services like setting up a blog, promotion of the blog for other bloggers and can charge a small fee.

You can also help other bloggers to setup their themes or their online stores. The market is very competitive and many bloggers do not have time to setup or sometimes they do not have the technical know how. That is where you can come in the picture.

To do this activity, I would suggest to create a good portfolio website for yourself and offer a list of services you provide. It is not a bad idea to showcase a demo of your work or clients you worked for. They can be your friends. Here is a good portfolio website example from Jane Sheeba.

Create Youtube videos tutorials

Video tutorial nowadays is a viral way of promoting your articles. Many people just do not like to read tons of words, but they quickly consume videos.

So it is a nice idea to create a video tutorial for most of your article.  It will get your more eyeballs  to your blog and through Youtube revenue sharing program, you can monetize the video.

It is applicable for any blog niche like photography, Travel or blogging tips etc.

[stextbox id=”info”] Article Video Robot is a good tool to convert your plain article into viral videos and earn from them. It is just $47/month. But for my blog readers, there is a discount of 50% with this coupon code – 33A01C7B [/stextbox]

Direct advertising- 

This option works for mainly bloggers who are well established and receives a huge traffic. You can ask advertisers to contact you directly for the promotion of their product. They can contact you if they are interested and pay you a agreed amount of money.

Conclusion :

In my opinion, money should not be the first factor in blogging. But to generate revenue is very important for your motivation and survival in the blogging world. It pumps you and keeps your interested.

Sometimes even good bloggers miss chances to earn revenue from their blog. Try to find every possible to way to generate revenue to keep you motivated.

Please do share how you generate income from your blog? What you think I missed in this post? I would love to know your idea and opinion.

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