How The Smart Technology is Changing the Life in India #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution

Using smart technology in India is changing life for everyone and making it easier. In this post, I am going to discuss how Smart technology like Smart Wearable, Smart Home, Smart Camera is keeping you fit and making your home secure.


What are Smart Devices?

According to Wikipedia

"A smart device is an electronic device, generally connected to other devices or networks via different wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, LiFi, 3G, etc., that can operate to some extent interactively and autonomously. Several notable types of smart devices are smartphones, smart cars, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, phablets and tablets, smartwatches, smart bands, smart key chains and smart speakers"

In short, any devices which have some intelligence or can help you to take the decision is smart. For example; smart wearable devices like Fitbit connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It can play music, track your calorie, fat burn, heart rate etc can sync it to your phone.

It can also send you notification about the call, messages, alerts, alarm to move, challenges to other friends and so many features which makes it smart.

Another example could be a smart home; which consists of camera, alarms, etc and  they talk to each other and remain connected. In case of any home invasion, they send alerts to your phone and can also notify police nearby.

One simple example is if a home security camera (with motion sensor) detects anyone in the house; it can send signal to Alarm to set off.

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Why You Need Smart Devices in Your Life?

Now lets discuss why we need smart devices? Gone are those days when we have devices which just provides some services to us with no intelligence

Lets see this old phone from Nokia from early 2000. It can send text, make and receive a call; that's it.

Nokia phone

Now why we switched to smartphones?

It can send us notification, we can install different apps like for banks, games, software and access it on our smartphones.

It can also connect to different devices like your home security camera, smart wearable, alarms etc and make your life easier.

That is why we cannot think of using that old phone again, we need a smartphone. 

Save Time And Money

Smart devices will save you money and time. For example - A smart home not only keep your home safe but also save money by having less or no security guard required.

You have to invest only once to buy smart devices which are very cheap nowadays.

Another example could be smart light or thermostat to save electricity bill. It will use intelligence to reduce electricity consumption if no one is in the house or room.

It Keeps You Fit

A device like smart wearable keeps you fit and healthy. It tracks your daily activity and keeps you fit. It also motivates you to run or exercise daily. You can also challenge your family and friends and create a healthy group.

Smart watches today can track small to advanced details like calorie burnt, heart rate, water, and food intake, Specific exercise tracking like bike, cycling, swim, sleep tracking and more.

Your lifestyle will change completely after smart wearable.

Keeps You Safe

Smart devices will keep you and your family safe. Crime nowadays is on rise in India. Surveillance and security camera will help you to keep criminals away.

You do not want someone to break into your house when you are away and your family is alone.

Smart camera will send you a notification on your smartphone in case of a break in or unauthorized entry.

It also helps nowadays lot when an online store like Flipkart, drop some package at your door and someone tries to steal it.

Never Miss a Moment

Smart camera also helps you to watch your kids at home when you are not present or busy outside. You can watch your kids playing or taking their first step.

We may not get a chance to be with our family all the time.

Stop Crime

Crime is on rise in India. Smart camera can prevent crime from happening. It can keep criminal away. As per data, police solve halves of the crime using CCTV. Its notification and history can help you to track criminals.

Worry Free Management

As Smart devices are connected with each other via Bluetooth, wifi etc. It is very easy to manage them from one place. Even if you have two homes, you can manage it from once place. All the notification and control can be done from one place.

Also if required, all family members can access the data from their smartphones, anyone can manage and control the behavior of smart devices.

Access Data Anywhere

Smart devices are made to work on any type of devices. They work on apps. You can the access smart camera or wearable devices from smartphones, tablets, Desktop or any other devices.

Almost all of them works on clouds so data is always available anywhere. You just need an internet connection see the reports or live data.

How The Smart Technology is Changing the Life in India

Evolution Of Smart Devices in India

Smart devices usage in India is still new and it started picking up from 2017 only. With the advancement of technology, smart home is now cheaper. 

Initially, people think of smart home is a luxurious item but slowly it has a deeper reach with smoke alarm detector, security, gas leakage alert, smart lighting, and energy saving devices.

Recently Government of India announced smart cities; smart devices sales and implementation will be on the rise in coming years.

Smart home can provide your comfort, security, ease of use, entertainment and better connectivity.

With the rise in average earning for an individual and nuclear family, people are looking to opt for smarter home to get connected to their home always.

Also with the faster internet and broadband services, It is easier to access cloud and smart services.

The same goes for smart wearable. With more awareness about health and fitness, people are investing in smart watches.

Smartwatch can help you to track calorie, fat burn, heart rate, food diet tracking, and many more. You can challenge friend and family in a group.

Most of the smartwatch can send you notification for calls, messages and apps. Literally, you do not even need to pick up the phone.

I personally love the feature of a reminder to move every hour and alarm vibrate on your wrist. I can wake up without disturbing anyone.

Same goes for a call as I can keep my phone silent all the time as I receive notification for call on my smartwatch.

Sleep tracker is another feature and it lets you know if you are sleeping long enough. Overall, your health and fitness is going to improve after smartwatch.

Smart Product I recommend

There are three smart device I would like to recommend keeping Indian public in mind. They are not costly and easy to use and can make your life simple.

Fitbit Watch

Fitbit watch is a must smart device for every serious fitness person. It will keep you healthy and keep you in shape and routine. Some of the top feature of Fitbit are:

  • Track activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep
  • App available for Android, Windows and ios
  • Reminder to move
  • #1 App and biggest community to challenge and grow

google home

Google Home is a one place to control your home like smart lights, plugins and switches. You can buy these devices separately and then control with Google Home. You can also use it to control entertainment like Chromecast.

  • Stream Music, movies, videos from Chromecast
  • Control your smart home with voice
  • Control home automation devices like plugs and plugins
  • Ask questions like how high is Himalayas

Godrej Smart Camera

Keeps Your home safe with Godrej cameras. It has built in mic with infra red for night vision

  • Apps to access footage from smartphone
  • Upto 128 GB memory support
  • Motion sensor alert
  • Wide angle view

Where To Buy Smart Devices In India

In India, Flipkart sell 40% of the smart devices. They sell a variety of devices starting from smart wearables, smart home devices, and smart cameras.

If you are planning to buy a smart device for your home, your family or yourself; Flipkart is the best place to shop.

Flipkart recently announced Fit India movement and has a dream to have a fit individual through smartwatch. They also want to bring revolution to have smart and safe houses for everyone. 

Over To You

Smart wearables and smart home is a must for every household. These smart devices tracks motivate, and monitor your health and home.

With better broadband internet speed and rise in criminal activity, smart devices is a must for every Indian.

If you have not switched to smart devices, you will do it sooner or later. 

My personal recommendation is to buy smart wearable to track your fitness and install smart security devices to keep your home safe.

I would love to hear from you. Please use the comment section to share your thoughts and share the post with your loved ones.

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