How Small retailers in India can be benefited from Technology -2

This is part 2 of my earlier post – How Small retailers in India can be benefited from Technology. I am going to add extra point to it.The aim of this topic is to find more way for small business in India to attract more customers.Most of the time small business do not care about these important leads and loose customer either in competition of lack of social media.What I am discussing is cheaper or no cost way to attract customers.


  • Get your shop/business on Google maps –  That is correct, if your business is still not on Google or other maps, you are missing a good amount of customers.It can be a small Kirana store, boutique, or small restaurant.They have to be on the maps.It helps customer to find or locate you even if you do not have a website.Here is the link, If you are not aware how to add your business on Google.So do not ignore this option and let customer find you.


  • Create a connection – Every customer whether he/she is one time or regular, They can bring more customers.Give them the best service and try to create a personal connection.Share your business card with every customer and Facebook and Google page should be mentioned in that.Also ask them to share reviews on Google, Facebook page , Yelp or Tripadvisor.Share regular updates and pictures from your business.
  • Create new loyalty rewards – Create new rewards points for customer like If you have a restaurant, you can offer buy 10 get 1 free.Or if you have a motor vehicle shop , you can over free service after 2 0r 3 free service.Always make sure customer return to your business for rewards.
  • fbshareCreate awareness about social media -Next generation is all about internet and social media.Tell your customer about social media and ask them to write Google review and share it on Facebook page.Having a board inside your shop to share your page to Facebook,Google, Twitter is a good idea.Create event related to business often.Share pictures on social media.
  • Keep track of your customer – Never lose the contact of your customer.Request them to opt in thru feedback or ask them to drop their card.Their email id or phone number could be very important.Send me regular updates thru email.A track for their Birthday and anniversary can generates lead for you.
  • Run contest – Run regular contest like free lunch for every 1000th customer or lucky draw coupons for every customer.Feel them rewarded will bring maximum customer to you.

Conclusion – Remember this is not a process of once, you have to keep on repeating it to retain old customer and finding new customer.So it is not incorrect to say that Customer is King.Please do share your view.