How Bangalore ATM attack could have been averted

You all aware about recent attacks on a woman at an ATM in Bangalore.It happened at 7:30 AM in broad day light.I am not going to discuss how it happened but what could have been done to avoid this incident.Lets see this small video news to understand first to what exactly happened at ATM.



The latest news is the woman is getting recovered after suffered from paralysis and plastic surgery.She may be recovered from physical injury but may not be able to recover from mental shock.In this post I am going to talk about how probably this incident could have been averted by little alert and awareness.The funniest part is the suspect has not arrested so far and still police is clueless about it.In my opinion there were two possible ways that could have averted or stopped this incident.

  •  Government/Banks – In this case both failed to do their task.Government failed as they do not have guidelines for any banks to check if they do not have security guard at ATM.There are still many ATMs which do not have security guard and this incident is waiting to happen. Practically this looks little difficult to implement as there are hundreds of ATMs in a city and bank should guard it all 365*24 hours.If banks tomorrow find it economically impossible to do and they may reduce number of ATMs. Ultimately it will impact customers.Another possible way is to monitor ATM surveillance camera round the clock.This looks to be a good idea and can be implemented. Anyway, it is important to access control types and decide which way to guard is acceptable.
  • Our awareness –  This is only practically solution available at the moment.We can not  rely on Government for our safety as recent attacks on woman proves they did nothing to prevent it.Also banks also see things in terms of profit and loss, so they are also not reliable for our security.So in short we need to take some steps for our safety.Lets see this case what woman could have done to secure herself.

There are two self defense tool which could have prevented this incident.

    1. Electronic whistleElectronic whistle – It is a small electronic device which can be kept with a key ring or inside the can produce around 120db(can go around upto 1 KM) alarm sound with this tool.This is much different than a normal whistle which is used by mouth.In the above ATM incident this whistle could have attracted attention of nearby crowd.This is a must tool for every woman for self defense.Lets see a small video demonstration of this device:



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2.chili spray  The second tool I am going to talk about is pepper spray.This could have been a life saver for this incident.For your information chili spray made up of compressed intense chili powder.It can be spray from a distance of 10 feet and once it goes into your eyes the subject will not be able to stand on your feet for at least 10 mins.In this ATM case this would be the best solution.

Lets see a small video demonstration of pepper spray:

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By above two tools I wanted to explain, we need to first protect our self.We just not simply give responsibility of our safety and security to Government.Take the first step from your side to protect yourself.Sooner or later we need to realize this.Please do share your experience and tools you use to protect yourself.