Go Digital or Go Dark!

As you all are aware cable TV digitization will be must from 1st Nov 2012 in 4 metros(Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata).If you are staying in these 4 metros and have not get your set top box, get it as soon as possible or else you will not able to view any channels even those are Free to Air(FTA).

I would like to talk about basis understanding of digitization and how it will affect you.


What is digitization of Cable TV?

Presently whatever you are receiving from your cable network is analog signal which does not require any set top box.Now digitization involves encrypting all digital signal while passing it to the customer , so you need to have a set top box at your home to receive and decrypt the signal.Digitization will improve image and sound quality.In analog image cable operator used to all signal together so as number of channel grows, image quality will be hazy and distorted.

Benefit for Customer:

  • Better image and sound quality – Once we will be in digital world, there will be no fuzzy quality images.It will be immensely improve.You will really enjoy your LCD or LED tv.It is not sure if its image will be as good as DTH(Direct to home) service, but it will be close.
  • more Channels – On a normal cable tv we will be able to see max 200 channels out of which only 100 channels are watchable.Now with digitization you will get up to 700 channels.
  •  Package your channels – This is the most important feature.Gone will be days when you have to pay for some regional channels which you never understand.Make your own package and pay accordingly.Pay only the channels which you see often or like.For example if cricket world cup is telecasting on stat sports, I will only subscribe that channels for 1 month and not others.
  • Value Added service – With digitization cable tv operators can offer you more services like movie on demand, pay per view movie and even you can record your favorite serials or shows and can see it later.

Some initial hiccups for customers:

  • Pay cost for set top box – Customer either opt for DTH or get a set top box from cable operators.In set top box they have to somewhere around 1000-2000 INR.If you go for set top box you need to pay 700-2000INR.As per instruction from TRAI you can pay half of this amount upfront and then go for EMI to purchase set top box.
  • Little increase in cost – As presently you are paying around 200 INR for cable, now you have to pay around 400-700 INR to see all important channels.

Benefit to Government – Now Government can better realize number of subscription and get taxes and revenues.

Benefit to Broadcasters – Broadcaster don’t have to pay any carriage fees to cable operators to show their channel on prime band and they can concentrate more on their services and get better revenue from their channels.

So my message to cable  tv customers to opt for set top box or DTH as soon as possible.Even for viewers other than metro I suggest to go for set top box as Government planned to cover entire country by December 2014.

So do not delay and remember 31st October 2012 is deadline to get set top box else Go dark!