12 Easy Way To Get More Youtube Subscribers in 2019 [Video]

Youtube or Video blogging is picking up recently for bloggers. According to an estimate 21% of content on the internet is video. Youtube is one of the leading video hosting site. To get more views on Youtube, you need more subscribers. In this post, I am going to discuss 12 easy ways to get more subscribers.


Why Subscribers is Important for Youtube?

More subscribers in Youtube means you will get more views, as your subscribers will get instance notification as they subscribed. 

You will immediately start getting more views. More views mean more eyeballs, which result in more sales and more engagement.

12 Easy Way To Get More Youtube Subscribers


Create Playlist

Group similar kind of video together in the playlist. A playlist is easier to share and promote at the end of the video.

For a viewer, playlist make sure they stick to your channel and there are better chances to get new subscribers.


Create Longer Videos

Longer video has better chances with SEO and better raking in search result.

Check other videos on same subject and make sure you have longer video than them. Better search results means more chances of getting subscribers.


Promote Subscribe at End

Youtube provides you option to promote your channel at the end of the video (like 30 sec or 1 min before) to get more subscribers.

Make sure you enable this for all the videos.


Create Brand Watermark

You can create customized brand for your channel. Use can hover over it and click on subscribe button. 

A customized branding will help people to identify your company and get you more subscribers.


Create Quality Content

Quality is more important than quantity. Do not just create video for numbers, create quality content from your heart.

Make sure you see video as a viewers and not video maker.


Write Detailed Channel Description

When it comes to your channel description, don't be shy. Write a detailed description with goal, what is this channel about, how viewers can be benefited and a call to action; like subscribe to my channel.


Create Attractive Channel Icon

Create professional picture and background for your Youtube channel. Make sure it has your logo, picture and tagline of your brand.


Create A Tagline Of Your Channel

Tagline is very important for your Youtube channel. Keep it relevant and precise for your niche.

A good tagline will help subscriber of your blog to easily understand about your channel. 


Like Good Comments

When someone comment on your Youtube videos and you like it, make sure you heart it. A heart comment will get more eyeballs and motivate your viewers and result in more subscribers.

You don't have to heart all comment but surely when someone write a detailed or provide feedbacks.


Create Channel Trailer

Channel trailer and intro is very important. Make sure it reflect about your channel and what viewers can expect.

Create a professional intro or trailer from Fiverr. It won't cost more than $5.


Promote Videos in Your Blog

Promote your other videos in Youtube to get even more subscribers. You can select playlist or your other related video at the end of the screen.

There is a good chance that a user will subscribe to your video if they find two or more relevant video.


Use Call To Action at End

Call to action (CTA) is very important. Don't leave user on a island at the end of video. Tell them what they need to do. It could be something like subscribe to your channel, go to other video, or simply click a link in description to know more about the product.

Over To You

If you do not have a Youtube channel yet, this is a good time to get it in 2019. Video will be getting more traffic and help you to build audience.

It will be difficult in the beginning, but slowly you will pick it up and learn more.

So why wait, go ahead a create a Youtube channel for your blog and create Awesome.

Please do not forget to share and comment to this post. I would love to hear your feedback.

References: https://backlinko.com/how-to-get-youtube-subscribers

  • Thanks cool ? Ravi.

    I have plans to go on YouTube soon as well, this article makes sense to scaleup ourself in the video industry as well. I love the infographic, will certainly pin it to get more eye balls.

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  • well explained.
    here I am interested to add some more points to get subscribers and views fast. but it is a paid method.
    invest few bucks on google ads and facebook ads with detailed audience target. you will get amazing results with this ad campaigns. fix the weekly budget and do they advertise. try to treat your channel as a business. you have to invest time, money and energy.

    • Thank you Venkat for sharing that. Very useful. Your channel is business so surely you need to invest time and money in it. Thank you again for commenting.

  • Thanks for creating this amazing content. I really loved the way you have written this content. Plus the infographic which you have added at the last is simply amazing. I had recently started a youtube channel hope these tips will work out well for me. Will definitely share this blog post with my network. Looking forward to more such quality content in the coming days… 🙂

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