Employed or Self Employed- Which is better?

cartoon-003-300x300Unluckily I never had a chance to work as a self employed.I am always from beginning started career as a employed person and never actually think beyond it.It only from last years or so when I started my website and started writing as a freelancer, I am thinking about self employed.The Indian mentality  is a big obstacle in it.We always looks for a safe job and want to leave with it.

Nobody wants to take risk by starting a new business or venture.People felt it a risk for their family and their retirement.In short most of the people want to settle their life with a employed job and find it best for their kids and family.

But as new generation is coming up with new thoughts, some people start thinking of a new venture and some of them started too.Let see some benefits of self employed as compared to employed.


Self EmployedEmployed
Self-bossAlways has a boss above you
You decide work timeCompany decides office time
More time for familyLess time for family
No commutingHave to go to office
No earning limitEarning depend on your designation and company performance
Take holidays as you wantHas to discuss with your boss or team
No politics, and you earn what you workOffice politics may affect your promotion and hike

Now lets some benefits of employed as compared to self employed.

EmployedSelf Employed
No risk as you have no investment in companyHigh risk as loss means your investment is lost
You work only what you have assignedYou need to manage your overall company
Less workMore work

So if you take a look to above tables, you can easily make out except risk factor and more responsibility, self employed has all the benefits.If you start  your business you have more creative work to do instead of doing same things again and again. In India mostly people do not want to take risk, and they feel a job is much safer and easier way to live.Also self employment is required in India to create more jobs and opportunity for people.

I would like you see Mr Amit Agarwal life in a day video. Amit is a guru for blogging and tech guru and self employed person whose monthly earning is estimated at $35,000 in a month.

A self employed person also have more confidence has he faced more problem at life and business and overcome a lot of issue.He can also lead a good life and most employed person always buys things on credit and complete career is used  to completed the loans.In the above video you can see how much time Amit gets to spend with his family.An employed person cuts at least 4 hours daily from his/her family time.A self employed also choose the kind of work himself so he has a lot of interest at work and can show creativity in work.Whereas in employed  job,a person cannot always choose type and nature of work but has to depend on company interest.

Lets see this story from inventor of Facebook , Mark Zuckerburg. Also the youngest billionaire.

Also isn’t it interesting to take more responsibilities like meeting with client,technical stuff,checking sales report etc.You have option to look beyond your skills and learn new one.Also being your own boss gives your more confidence and pride.You decide how to grow and expand the company.You can employ people and feel great to start something start from scratch.

You also need to remember if you are not working, nobody will pay. There will be also no paid leaves and health insurance and other beneficiary package. Also you need to save for your future. Also you need to retain and have to keep interest of your client. And also have to survive in the competition. You may also want to consider consulting a business expert like Andrew Defrancesco if it’s your first time starting a business.


In my opinion If you can take risk,handle stress and adjust yourself with failure and worst situation, work hard alone and with your team, Self employment is best for you.If not then also you should try to at least start your business and see how it goes.You want to settle with your employed jobs If you never want to take risk and always want to play safe.A job in a cubicle will be then best for you.

I hope younger generation will come up with new ideas and invention and work more towards start new business and don’t settle with just a job.I also expect to have a company like Facebook and twitter from India.

Please do share your experience with employed and self employed and also If you have plan to start a business later on in your life.