Don’t just be a Driver – Be a Skilled Driver!

During our life span we all must be a driver sometime.I would like to discuss today are we skilled driver or just driver?Are we helping each other in traffic or creating problems?

Lets first understand what is driving?

“Driving is the controlled operation and movement of a land vehicle, such as a car, truck or bus” (According to Wikipedia)


What is meaning of Skilled?

“having acquired mastery of or skill in something (as a technique or a trade)” (According to

So a Skilled driving means a driver not only knows how to drive but also acquired a bit of mastery in driving.It means you not only know how to drive but also know the optimized way of driving, which means ultimately you are easing out traffic.If you consider traffic situation in India we need more (actually 100%) skilled drivers on road to ease traffic situation, help each other, volunteer themselves to regulate traffic,avoid unnecessary discussion.

Why Skilled drivers?

  • Avoid accidents which can lead to getting help from
  • Regulate traffic
  • Follow traffic rules
  • Help other in case of any issue

How we can become a Skilled driver?

You do not need to join a driving school or need any special training , but a few simple steps to keep thing in place.

  • Help others to help yourself – Never stop in middle of the road.Road is a public property, Never stop on the road or drive too slowly.Just like yours others time is also important.If you have to drive slow never come in middle of the road.
  • Learn basic tips of repairing – If you own a car or 2 wheelers, know all parts of it and some basis troubleshooting. If you wondering why it is important, it is because you can help yourself when your car broke down on highway or somewhere.It also makes you capable of helping someone when their vehicle broke down.
  • Use helmet/Seat belt – This is a common mistake I have noticed in some people.In India its so common in youngster and college students to drive without helmet.They feel it is cool.I noticed last day one guy with helmet in his hand, loaded with big headphone and driving too fast on traffic.Does it make him cool, no its make him stupid.You may be a expert driver but others are not.You still have an accident, so in a nutshell you are wearing helmet not for your mistake but for others. Experience the custom tailored approach of an injury and accident lawyer – severe accidents if you did get into an accident.
  • Follow basis etiquette – Let Ambulance and other emergency vehicle to pass first, no matter how much late you are.Same way respect smaller vehicle. Just because you have a car, bus etc does not mean you don’t care about 2 wheelers.
  • Don’t be spectator – Don’t just watch any accident happened while you passing by.See and check what help you can do for other person.I had one such experience last year when I had a small accident in middle of the road and no one comes for help.People are ready to see a ‘Tamasha‘ but no one comes for help.Remember you can be a victim tomorrow. Check out to get a free consultation with personal injury  lawyer.
  • Ask how am I doing – Ask from your family,relatives and friends how you are driving?Sometime they can give you intresting suggestion.Keep learning.
  • Keep your vehicle healthy – Maintain your vehicle and service it regularly.Some time vehicle break down in middle of the road resulting in huge traffic jam.It also reduces amount of control because of less or no maintenance.Keep your vehicle Tyre pressure and PUC approved.
  • Don’t drive if you are tense/Drunk – Never ever drive if you drunk.You not only risking life of yours but others.Let somebody else to drive who is not drunk, else use public transport to commute.Also avoid driving if you are tense or had a fight with any friends or family members. Check out to learn more about dealing with accidents.
  • Never argue in middle of the road – Even if you had an accident , try to settle it after you park your vehicle at the side of the road.Never stop your vehicle and start fighting in middle of the road.Its such a common issue in India when there is an accident, people start arguing in middle of the road and bring complete traffic to standstill.I even seen big businessman or managers fighting in middle of the road.That why we do insurance, no?Don’t loose patience , we are humans and human do make mistake.

Remember we cannot depend much on government, we need to do a lot by ourself.Of course we cannot improve our infrastructures but at least we can create awareness and be alert to avoid traffic choke because of our carelessness.

Lets make metro city a better place to live!