D-Link DIR-505 All-in-one Mobile Companion Review

d-link-dir-505-all-in-one-mobile-companionI recently came across an travel/Home equipment which is very handy and can be used as WI-FI hotspot,router and repeater.This small device can be used in 3 modes:-

  • WI-FI Hotspot – You can connect it to current router and then it will acts as a central point for all your devices.I can’t find it much useful as a normal router can also connect to multiple devices.
  • Router mode – Now this is handy features where you can connect your modem or internet connect to D 505 and it will acts as a router to connect multiple devices to internet connection.
  • Repeater  mode – Very useful to extend the range when signal is low.It amplifies the signal and boost the network.



 How to setup D-Link 505:

To setup this device as a router we need to plugin it to power and then go to router setting and use the admin password and connection as given in the manual.An Ethernet cable is also provided with devices so that to connect LAN cable to PC or palmtop or tab.A red light will be on till connection is established, once it is done green light is on and device is ready to use.

For home use you need to use it as a repeater and follow the connection procedure as mentioned in the manual.A connection process will be given with the device.

d-link 505

d-link 5051







Benefits of D-Link DIR-505:

  • Wireless without modem
  • Universal plug and play device
  • Can be used as mobile phone charger by USB
  • App support in IOS and Android
  • Very light and compact
  • Support for video files,doc and Mac files

Did I forgot to mention two important features of this device.Sharing of file and WPS feature.

DIR-505 has a USB point where you can plug in any storage device and can share its content within your private network.In iOS there is an app called SharePort which is used to share multimedia content within your private network.

WPS button enables you to transfer secured data from D-Link DIR-505 All-in-one Mobile Companion to other device.You can more details about it from its manual.

Here is a video review for your reference:

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