Coschedule Is So Famous? But Why?

I recently came to know this amazing tool Coschedule for WordPress blogger. I just cannot resist to try it myself and blown away by this tool. I am going to review it in this blog and would let you know how important it is for every blogger.

What is Coschedule?

Coschedule is calendar planner to schedule and executes your social media message posting and help you to publish WordPress blog post in a team environment.



Why You need Coschedule?

  • Share and curate your social media message and blog post in a calendar interface
  • Schedule social media campaign to promote post or anything
  • Created for Team environment
  • Before publishing post, you can plan when and what to promote the post
  • Create task and reminder for a blog post
  • Track and schedule your previous blog post report




Coschedule can be easily integrated to WordPress, Google docs, Evernote, and Chrome.

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How to schedule blog post and content for Your WordPress blog through Coschedule –

There are two ways to schedule social media post for your blog:

  • Schedule it right under WordPress post edit window
  • Use Calendar option from left menu option for Coschedule

Please have a look at some of its features in bullet points:

  • Beautiful Calendar like scheduler for social media
  • A single platform to schedule post for social media and content
  • Collaborate with team for post, events, and tasks
  • Seamlessly transfer or edit content to WordPress post
  • Attach any media with social media post – images, video, file, Evernote or Google docs
  • Imports content from external source like Evernote, Google docs etc
  • Schedule your post on the day, after the day, week or custom date and time
  • Option to share your post again and again
  • Drag and drop feature to change the schedule
  • Track and get report how much your post shared

Please follow this video tutorial to understand how to schedule and execute social media post and content.

There are a lot of help videos are available on Coschedule website to learn how to use it. Please check them out.

Integration of Coschedule with other external application – 

Coschedule can be easily integrated with the various external application. Some of them are:

  • Evernote – Important you content from Evernote to WordPress
  • – Integrate your account to shorten the URL for social media sharing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Chrome extension – Instantly access the Coschedule from your Chrome browser extension
  • Google calendar – Sync your Coschedule calendar with Google calendar and access it anywhere

Please check this video tutorial to understand how to integrate Coschedule with other External application:

Price – 

Coschedule is free to try for 14 days. There is no credit card or payment required to try. The subscription starts from $15/month with 5 social profiles allowed. You can take a better package with 10 social profiles at $30/month. Please find more details here about pricing.

My take –

Coschedule is a must tool for every blogger. There are too many social media where you need to promote content. It is not easy to maintain and schedule content on all of them manually. You need a tool to manage it.

At the same time, Scheduling you content/ blog post at the correct time is very important to get maximum traffic. Please read this post from Neil with Infographic to understand what is the correct time to promote your content on different social media.

What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media

The third thing is to promote your content again and again on social media. You can not do it manually to so many social media.

So Coschedule will take care of it for you. You just need to create new content, schedule it easily thru a calendar, make changes by drag and drop and track the results.

This tool will help me a lot to save time and promote my content again and again.

I would strongly recommend to give it a try. There is no credit card required for free 14 days trial.

You can try it here.

Over to You – 

It is your turn. Please share how you promote content on social media. Are you doing it manually? What tools or resources you use to cut down the time? Have you used Coschedule? I would love to know your experience.

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