Convertkit Review – Why I Switched From Mailchimp To Convertkit

Like most of the blogger, I also started with MailChimp email services. But soon I realized; If I need to increase my email subscribers and create more customization for my email, I need something different. In this post, I will review Convertkit and explain why I switched from Mailchimp to Convertkit.


My Journey With Mailchimp

Like most of the blogger, I started with Mailchimp because it is free for first 2000 email subscribers. Everything was going well, I set it up on my blog and start sending people to subscribe.

I realized that my email subscribing list is growing very slowly and I started looking for the reason. I found the below reasons:

Mailchimp Email templates were Robotics

I used to send email template from Mailchimp, which were not converting and looks like robots. I realized soon that you should always send the personalized email instead of templates. They rarely convert and sucks!

Mailchimp has one big list

I felt it was difficult to manage my single big subscriber list. Mailchimp also introduced the segment within the list, but we still need more like the tag to select whom to send the email. I was not able to categorize the users in a better way and automate the email process

Finding it difficult to maintain different campaign

Within a subscriber list, I have a different campaign running. That is why I have a wide variety of audience subscribed to my blog. Managing them within Mailchimp was difficult. I want to create the different campaign within my list; for example, I want to send email to a subscriber who click the link to the first email I sent. That was not possible with Mailchimp.

What Was The Problem?

I realized that I need some other email service. It is very much required if you are a professional blogger and want to take your blog to next level. Mailchimp was good for beginners but I needed more to customize my subscribers, automate my subscriber's segmentation and create a rule on top of it.

I started feeling, I am spending too much time on email services and there is no automation. As I blogger, I need to put most of the time on content and not email services.

Why I Switched From Mailchimp to Convertkit

I started looking for Mailchimp alternatives which are more focused towards subscribers and not list. I tried Convertkit and realized this is what I was looking for. I am going to discuss my personal opinion about Convertkit and why I made the switch from Mailchimp to Convertkit.

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Personal Attention

When you sign up for Convertkit, they will personally verify your account before enabling you to start sending the email. This shows that you are with the trusted company. It is very common that random people sign up for email services and start sending spam email. I really liked it!

Personal attention convertkit

 Is  Organized 

When you sign up for Convertkit and enter into account everything is organized. It is divided into steps. For a new user, the information could be overwhelming but I love the way they organized it in the steps and gives you a free t-shirt after completing everything!

Organized convertkit


Convertkit focus on personalized email. They do not provide email template and believe in the email written by you personally. I loved this idea. I already experienced with Mailchimp that personally written email only converts. For example - If you have email name of subscribers, you can mention it or else some generic text like hey there.



This is the biggest advantage of Convertkit - Full automation of email automation. You can create rules when you want to send the welcome email to your subscribers when to move them to a different subscriber list, the condition when to move and many more. They also have the option to create trigger and action. For example - move a subscriber to a different list when they click a link in the email.

Automation rule convertkit-min


As a blogger, I sell products or organize Webinar. So I need to tag users within a list. For example, I want to send email to certain subscribers when they register for my Webinar, or when they click on any link in my email. With Convertkit, I can tag users and then trigger email based on that. You can create a rule and only send email to the target audience within a list. A list is organized with segment and tag and hence a subscriber is never duplicated in Convertkit.

Tag subscribers convertkit-min


Even Broadcast in Convertkit can be customized. I love this feature to send a quick update to all my subscribers or few of them based on certain condition. You can filter based on active or inactive subscriber, location, forms, tags, or sequence. It is an amazing feature.

Broadcast Convertkit

Video Review Of Convertkit And Demo

What Experts Are Saying About Convertkit

Automation really is the future of email marketing

What makes it (Convertkit) stand out is its extremely polished UI design and it’s easy to use automation rules.

Kinley McFadden  //  Blogger And Freelance Writer

Pat Flynn

With ConvertKit, it’s based on a very simple “if this / then that” sequence

My favorite part of ConvertKit are the automation rules that you can create. AWeber has automation rules but they are very limited. Infusionsoft was built for automation, but for me, it was a bit overwhelming and too difficult for me to learn.

Pat Flynn  // Blogger

authority hacker

Simplicity is probably the one word I’d use to describe ConvertKit

I think ConvertKit is a dream come true for people who are just getting started with email marketing, and who are just beginning to get some traction in their online business.

Authority Hacker  //  Top Blogging Site


ConvertKit is a perfect solution from a blogger point of view

I am more than satisfied with the service and very much excited to see upcoming features to make the life simpler and awesome.

Kulwant Negi  // Blogger

Over To You

I selected Mailchimp earlier because it was free of course. Convertkit, on the other hand, is not free. The starting package is $29/month for up to 1000 subscribers. If you are a serious blogger and want to convert your blogging in full time, you need to invest money. 

I felt if I will stick with Mailchimp, I will never able to take my blog to next level. Convertkit has everything you need in advanced email services like automated email, forms, landing pages, automation rule, broadcast, organized subscribers in tags and segments.

Whether you are an affiliate blogger, organizing a Webinar, or any type of blogger, it fits your need.

I will highly recommend it to every professional blogger. If you are still sticking with Mailchimp and looking for a change, you must try Convertkit. I would love to hear your comment.

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