Convertkit Review-How Is it Different from Other Email Marketing Services

I am going to review Convertkit in this post. This is the latest addition to Email Marketing tool which is also used by some of the successful marketing enthusiasts like Andy Defrancesco that led them to attain growth and development to their businesses. I am going to discuss how it works and how it is different from other email marketing tool.

Before I begin, you must read this post to understand what is Email Marketing and why you need it. For more online marketing information and guidance contact this SEO company.

Do you have All That You Need to Start Building Email List

How Convertkit is different from other Email Marketing tool?

Convertkit is designed keeping in mind about blogger and website owners. Let’s see some of its features which make it different.

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Built-in feature to create smart optin popup – 

Most of the email marketing do not provide services to create beautiful and responsive optin boxes. I used optinmonster for sometime back to create customized optin and popup.

Convertkit has this feature inbuilt.

You use customize optin for

  • Creating free gift (ebooks) for your readers
  • Create multiple forms for multiple incentives like one for free ebook another for sample chapter of the book
  • Option to create different optin for each post (very important for a blogger)


Landing Page Designing-  

As a blogger or website owner, so many time you are required to redirect the user to a customize page and gather email or to broadcast and send a notification to them.

Following are some of the situations:

  • You are launching a new product
  • You are hosting a webinar or online sessions and want user to register
  • You are hosting a podcast or joining as a guest on podcast and want your listeners to give a free gift
  • Giving free ebooks to your readers to let them join as email subscribers
  • Simply want readers to join your email newsletter

So what Convertkit provides you:

  • Three landing page template
  • Easy to customize any text or color with visual editor
  • Custom CSS to change behavior as per your requirement
  • Pages can be hosted on Convertkit or your website hosting

Automate your Email Marketing – 

If your email marketing provider is not supporting the feature to send scheduled or follow up email, it is time to change your email provider. Create and launch effective email campaigns with email campaign automation.

Convertkit provides this feature, also known as Drip email. Sending an email only once may not bring result all the time. You need to send the regular automated email at correct frequency to maintain the touch with your readers and convert it to sales. There are Courses, trainings, and mastermind sessions from Local Client Takeover and other marketing techniques.

Some of the way you can customize your email automation features is as follows:

  • Drag and drop the email to change their frequency, order and schedule
  • You will have full control on day and timing of your email
  • Monitor the report about email, like opening rate, click rate etc

Customized Broadcast option – 

Most of the time we need to the same email message (Broadcast) to all our subscribers. We also need to create a segment and send the message to selected groups.

It also involves excluding some of the subscribers because they already purchased or accepted the offer.

This feature is very useful to send notification for a new blog post or share new notifications. You can save segments for later use.

Here is a video review of Convertkit with feature explained:


Every Email marketing is incomplete without integration with other application. Convertkit supports a wide variety of apps integration like WordPress, Shopify, Optinmonster, Leadpages etc.


Price – 

Price starts with $29/month for first 1000 subscribers. The price increases with subscribers. For 10,000 subscriber you have to pay $119/month.

The best part is with every package, you will have unlimited email, Forms, landing pages, Automation rules, and courses.

There is a 30 days money back guarantee if you are not happy.


As it claims it is one of the best Email marketing solutions for bloggers. It has a feature which is unique and much more required for bloggers.

Overall I recommend you to try it once as it has 30 days money back Guarantee. Please use this link to try it.

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