How to set up public Wi-Fi for your Business

The internet is one of the biggest markets in India.According to an estimate in 2018, there will be 3.60 billion Internet user in the world out of which 346.3 millions users will be from India itself. India is one of the fastest growing market for The internet. According to a research your profit can be up by 20% seen in the restaurant if you provide free Wi-Fi. Please see below chart for projected Internet users around the world.

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SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

I am going to review SanDisk Connect wireless stick device in this post. I recently came to know about this and blown away from this. It is out of box product which was recently launched to use USB disk as a wireless device to transfer files between devices. You all use it like normal portable flash drive, let me explain how it is different.

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D-Link DIR-505 All-in-one Mobile Companion Review

d-link-dir-505-all-in-one-mobile-companionI recently came across an travel/Home equipment which is very handy and can be used as WI-FI hotspot,router and repeater.This small device can be used in 3 modes:-

  • WI-FI Hotspot – You can connect it to current router and then it will acts as a central point for all your devices.I can’t find it much useful as a normal router can also connect to multiple devices.
  • Router mode – Now this is handy features where you can connect your modem or internet connect to D 505 and it will acts as a router to connect multiple devices to internet connection.
  • Repeater  mode – Very useful to extend the range when signal is low.It amplifies the signal and boost the network.

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How to Secure your Wireless Router

We all uses Wireless router sometime or other.From last 4-5 years its use has been increased as its cost have been decreased and people like to be wireless and they don’t like wire.It gives us freedom to carry our laptop,tablet or phone anywhere in our homes.

Lets see how we can take simple steps and make our router secure and safe:

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