D-Link DIR-505 All-in-one Mobile Companion Review

d-link-dir-505-all-in-one-mobile-companionI recently came across an travel/Home equipment which is very handy and can be used as WI-FI hotspot,router and repeater.This small device can be used in 3 modes:-

  • WI-FI Hotspot – You can connect it to current router and then it will acts as a central point for all your devices.I can’t find it much useful as a normal router can also connect to multiple devices.
  • Router mode – Now this is handy features where you can connect your modem or internet connect to D 505 and it will acts as a router to connect multiple devices to internet connection.
  • Repeater  mode – Very useful to extend the range when signal is low.It amplifies the signal and boost the network.

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Why you need Stock images

What are stock images?

Stock images are pictures which are licensed for specific use.It is a place where a company store large group of pictures and licensed them to individual user/company at a price.Purchased and delivery of photos happens online.The picture variety include individual,pets,group pictures, travel and conceptual pictures.

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5 Things I do on Internet, other than shopping

Image source:http://www.empowernetwork.com/

Most of the people use internet to shop items.It helps them to choose,compare and buy stuff cheaply and delivered right to their doorstep.I would like to mention in this post 5 things I do on Internet other than shopping.

  1. Googgling – I start my day with Google, do not know why but it seems I am addicted to it.Sometime to search for some topic else just to check If internet is working.

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