10 Things you must do after a Road Accident

road-accidents-penalties-india_26How quickly you react in case of an accident will determine whether you can save a life or not in case of emergency.Accident can happens to anyone anywhere. But do we know what to do in case of emergency? If you are not sure how to act, check out www.itsaboutjustice.law/personal-injury-attorney/ for some tips. Indian roads are different than another country so we need to know basis rule of do’s and don’ts.In this post I tried to explain 10 things you must do in case of accident.There are two scenario in accident.Either you are involved or hurt in accident or you are safe but accident happens near to you.These things applicable in both cases:

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Why CarPool is not working in India

Today in this post I am going to discuss why CarPool concept is not working so well in India. I will also talk about why I went to a ford dealer near me instead of going to other manufacturers. People still not sharing cars and prefer to go in their own vehicle.It result in huge traffic jam at major circle and point in city.But before I discuss the reason lets quickly understand what is Carpool and its benefits.

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Texas Diary -1

Image courtesy: http://www.panoramio.com/

I am here at Texas and it deserve to be in my blog.It is a new place for me, new environment, new people and new thoughts.There are lot of things to speak about Texas but today I would like to mention the life and thought of Indian people live here.This view is my personal observation and I never

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Sarabjit Singh – A victim of weak Indian Government

This post is dedicated to Sarabjit Singh.A martyr was became a victim of weak governance and tussle between India and Pakistan.

Who was Sarabjit Singh?

Sarabjit Singh was a Indian national who was by mistake  cross the Indian border and came to Pakistan.He was then captured by Pak rangers at border.Initially he was convicted for illegally crossing border but after eight days he was charged for alleged involvement in 1990 Lahore and Faisalabad blast which killed 14 people.

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Its not only the Politicians but we all are Corrupted

I am sure the title of post will offend most of us but accept it or not It is true.But last few days there are so many things I observed which helps me in concluding this.

We now remains with only 2 types of people , either corrupted or selfish.I am not sure whether my blog or my account will be active after this post or not.It may be possible that GOI(Government of India) may find it is inappropriate and block my blog.I leave it to them but as a citizen of India and constitutional rights I had, nobody can take away my right to express.If they want they can block my account.

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