All you should know about DigiLocker

If you have not heard of Digilocker yet, I am going to aware you about it in this post.Digilocker is latest initiative launched by Govt of India to allow all citizen to store important document in safe online locker.You can use your Aadhaar number to register to it and then can upload important document like educational doc, Pan card,Passport and other document.

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Why you should donate Books

I see a lot of people selling books to kabadiwala or Raddiwala (People who buy second hand items) as you say.We hardly think about donating it or giving it to needy.Private & Public Schools and publisher created a nexus to force student to buy new books and not to reuse old.This result in heavy profit to publisher and good commission to school but a big burden to parents who cannot afford costly books.I am going to discuss how you can donate books to needy people so that we can save some money for them and contribute to the society.

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TrackID review – Track your Kid and Family

As promised I am going to review TrackID in this post.I am very excited to review his product as this is the first of its kind in India.

What is TrackID – TrackID is a small device which will give real time location update of your kid and family.This device can be kept in school bag or personal bag.Real time monitoring can be access thru a mobile phone or PC.

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Sharing my recent India trip

I work at US and this is not the first time I have been to India.So you may feel this topic is common.But it is not as this is my first India trip from US.The difference is a big one and related to our personal behavior,Sanity,cleanness and lot others.I will discuss them in this post.I will also discuss difference I felt in India as it is something which is very difficult to explain to a person who never visited any developed country.

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How Small retailers in India can be benefited from Technology

a kirana storeThis post is in reference to recent Indian government decision to introduce retail disinvestment.There was a lot of protest in India for this decision by local kirana(retailers) shops owners.Specially Maharashtra had observed a major protest. It is a genuine concern from them but one thing which I never understood was why they never want to go for competition.I want to discuss how small traders can create a group and use technology to increase and retain customers.Lets discuss it one by one.

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6 things we Indian must bring in ourself

We always complain things are not good in India.People do not care about each other.Road and cities are not clean.Government is not doing anything blah blah.List goes on…But the biggest question is are we doing our bit?A small contribution and help can keep your city clean ,make your surrounding a better place and keep you are family happy and safe.Lets see this nice video which demonstrate how you can be kind and still remain anonymous.

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