A Green Diwali is Happy Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and very soon we will see Go Green brigade will be giving you message to Go Green and do not light firecrackers to prevent air and Noise pollution. Facebook, Twitter, and social media will be filled with the messages and pictures. But the biggest question is do we really care for the environment or for other people?

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Solar power – A way to cut Electricity cost

People often ask me, is there any way to reduce electricity bill?Every state is one way or other increasing the per unit price of electricity. Especially in peak winter and summer, Bills are going up by 1000-2000 INR.I am going to discuss an alternative source of conventional power i,e Solar power.I am more focused on the benefit it has for common man and not for large business or factory. However, industrialists with large establishments may compare business electricity prices according to their needs and minimise costs.

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My Experience with OCI card

Recent update – New OCI application process is effective from Jan 25, 2016.

I recently applied for OCI card for my son. There is some confusion around the process and who should apply. I will try to clear some of them in my post today.Lets see first what is OCI and who are eligible to apply. What is OCI? OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) is a lifelong visa for Non-resident Indian.It gives you unlimited entry to India and you do not need to apply visa ever in your lifetime.

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Why you should donate Books

I see a lot of people selling books to kabadiwala or Raddiwala (People who buy second hand items) as you say.We hardly think about donating it or giving it to needy.Private & Public Schools and publisher created a nexus to force student to buy new books and not to reuse old.This result in heavy profit to publisher and good commission to school but a big burden to parents who cannot afford costly books.I am going to discuss how you can donate books to needy people so that we can save some money for them and contribute to the society.

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How Small retailers in India can be benefited from Technology -2

This is part 2 of my earlier post – How Small retailers in India can be benefited from Technology. I am going to add extra point to it.The aim of this topic is to find more way for small business in India to attract more customers.Most of the time small business do not care about these important leads and loose customer either in competition of lack of social media.What I am discussing is cheaper or no cost way to attract customers.

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