6 things we Indian must bring in ourself

We always complain things are not good in India.People do not care about each other.Road and cities are not clean.Government is not doing anything blah blah.List goes on…But the biggest question is are we doing our bit?A small contribution and help can keep your city clean ,make your surrounding a better place and keep you are family happy and safe.Lets see this nice video which demonstrate how you can be kind and still remain anonymous.

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10 Things you must do after a Road Accident

road-accidents-penalties-india_26How quickly you react in case of an accident will determine whether you can save a life or not in case of emergency.Accident can happens to anyone anywhere. But do we know what to do in case of emergency? If you are not sure how to act, check out www.itsaboutjustice.law/personal-injury-attorney/ for some tips. Indian roads are different than another country so we need to know basis rule of do’s and don’ts.In this post I tried to explain 10 things you must do in case of accident.There are two scenario in accident.Either you are involved or hurt in accident or you are safe but accident happens near to you.These things applicable in both cases:

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