Buy Original Windows 8 – Price as low as 699 INR

Microsoft recently launched Windows 8 in India. And surprisingly it price is as low as 699 INR.Now the question is even if it is so cheaper why an average India PC users will buy it!As we all know Indian users loves piracy.

So isn’t time to change our old thinking and get a real and genuine of windows 8 and stop stealing.Lets see the reasons why you should buy Original copy of Windows 8?

  • It ethical and legally wrong to use Fake or duplicate copy of Windows.In short it is a type of stealing like you are using something without paying money.One day or other all have to realize it
  • Windows regularly pass updates that includes bug fixes and security patch.By using Fake copy you always miss these updates
  • Many a times it has been noticed that pirated Windows comes with small software that may steal and result in lost of critical information like your data and pictures
  • Windows did provide online help in case you have issue with you softwares, that will not be available with fake one

And above all by using original and genuine copy you would be relax about your data and it is not a crime!

Now lets see what are the buying option available for Indian users:

Option 1 : Buy Windows 8 @ 699 INR

If you purchased or planning to purchase a Windows 7 PC , you can redeem a offer for Windows 8 and get it in 699 INR.You can get more details from here

Option 2 : Buy Windows 8 @ 1999 INR

If you don’t have Windows 7 PC, then you can opt for Windows 8 pro at 1999 INR.It will first check compatibility of your current PC and then you can download, order and activate your Windows 8. You can get more details here

Now the most important part is Windows drastically reduced the cost for Windows as they want more and more people to get it.I remembered it used to around 5000-7000 INR.So now I hope more people will opt for it.