New Tatkal rules – What is missing?

We all know the misuse of Tatkal scheme by agents and booking clerk, but it came recently in light when TV and news channel highlighted it by their investigation.We all seen how ticket agents with the help of booking clerk are buying the tatkal tickets and sell it to passengers at 10 times the price.After 2-3 news channel aired it, the Government finally awakes and came with some new rules.But are these new rule will really help passengers, lets see.

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Change your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail passwords Immediately

You must be aware recently a group called D33Ds hacked Yahoo database by sql injection technique.In that process they retrieved some of the username and password of yahoo account.However they said only 5% of the accounts have correct passwords.One other news also came which says the password hacking has been extended to Gmail and hotmail too.

Last day I received a mail from Amazon in which say they noticed that my email and password has been found on the list

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Don’t just be a Driver – Be a Skilled Driver!

During our life span we all must be a driver sometime.I would like to discuss today are we skilled driver or just driver?Are we helping each other in traffic or creating problems?

Lets first understand what is driving?

“Driving is the controlled operation and movement of a land vehicle, such as a car, truck or bus” (According to Wikipedia)


What is meaning of Skilled?

“having acquired mastery of or skill in something (as a technique or a trade)” (According to

So a

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How to File you Income tax free in India

As a salaried employee, I am filling my income tax return From last 4 years.I always did it thru an agent.I never want to take pain to filling it myself.But this year I decided to do it myself.So I start researching ways and instructions on internet.

I tried it first from income tax website , but soon I realized it is very complex and little difficult to understand for common man(Who is not from financial background) then I find

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Hello world!

Hi All,

I am back with my new blog.I started it last year but was not able to continue it because of some personal issue.But after much of my effort and will power, I am back with my blog. I will try to include as much topic as possible.It may include general issue, SEO,financial, political and much more.I always want to help and awake common man with my experience and knowledge.That is only aim of mine thru this blog.It also give me a platform to express myself.

Something about me?

I am working as a Software engineer and

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