Authority Pro Theme Review From StudioPress

I recently got a chance to review Authority Pro theme from Studiopress. In this post, I am going to review Authority Pro theme and show you what are its feature.

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One of the advantages of the digital revolution is better performance and speed of the internet. If your site is not loading better than your competitor, you are not in the game.


In this post, I am going to talk about WPEngine page performance tool. This tool is very useful to find the performance of your page, how fast it is, detail insight like how quickly your page renders or how is your cache.

You will get a detail report about how much time it is taking for a user to open your page and also recommendation and suggestion about improving the performance of your page.

We know that WPEngine is a hosted service provider custom build for WordPress apps and services. If you are interested in reading detail review of WPEgine, read this post.

Why Speed or Performance matters?

In this competitive world, every second matters. If you are really serious about your business, you should not take chance on your speed or performance of your site.

For example, if you own an e-commerce business; even a slowness of few seconds will result in customer leaving your site or abandon the cart.

Speed saves time for a customer, which will result in more sale and trust to your site.

Speed is never am extra features, it is a must to win in the current competitive world. Your customer’s time is precious and you should make every attempt to decrease it as much as you can.

How WpEngine Page performance tool can help you?

WPEngine helps you to speed up your site or blog which result in better customer experience, credibility, and better SEO ranking.

WPEngine provides you insight view and report of the issue which is slowing your website. A website owner can then acts on those issues and make it faster.

wpengine speed performance screen-min

How it works? 

You can enter any URL in page performance tool. This tool will run a series of test and provides you features like page load time, the size of the website, cache etc.

You will also get a visual representation of how the page looks to the user and also the loading time as the user see it.

wpengine speed performance screen 2-min

After the test, reports also tell us you about how to improve your site. The recommendation example includes – use gzip compression, remove blocking js, create browser cache, or use SSL.

Once you recommend the make those changes, it will increase your page load, a better customer experience, higher visitor retention, more sales, and positive brand image.

WordPress Speed Test

What is Studiopress?

Studiopress is a well-known company who provides services for WordPress hosting and themes. Studiopress theme is built on Genesis Framework. It is a parent theme and then a customized child or WordPress theme is created on top of it.

Authority Pro Theme

Authority Pro theme is recently launched by Studiopress theme and it is amazing. The main feature of the theme is its customized home page. This blog comes as responsive, so do not have to make any changes to small devices or tablets. Let's discuss its feature in details:

You need to buy Genesis Theme plus Authority Pro theme, If you are new to Studiopress. Genesis Theme is a parent theme and child theme works on it. Once you purchase the theme, you can download it and add it to your WordPress Theme.

Wordpress Theme selection

Customize Home page

Studiopress gives you an easy way to customize how your home page will look that includes colors, header image, logo, menu, and another part of the home page of your blog.

Authority Pro theme preview

Preview - On the right handmade, you can see a preview of your changes without activating it.

Colors - You can change colors of your theme here like Primary colors of buttons, links, heading etc

Header - Choose your new logo or keep your blog name here

Menu - Customize your header, footer and customized menu here

Customize Authority Pro Settings

This is a very important feature and I want to spend some time here. You can create an attractive home page of your blog for this WordPress Theme. Let's see how to do this.

You basically have 4 options in Authority Pro settings.

Authority Pro Basic Setting

This is used to display front page. You can either display it or disable it here.You can select if you want to show intro text and featured image in your post.

Authority pro basic setting-min

Authority Pro Hero Portrait  Setting

This is the place where you can setup profile photo, intro about you and also can put an option box to let user subscribe your blog. This is the best feature of the theme and I love it. Check the demo below.

Authority pro potrait setting

Authority Pro Top Banner Setting

This is another great feature to add a top banner to your blog to promote a specific product or share an announcement.

Top banner setting

Some Other features

SEO Optimized - This Theme is packed with SEO ready, so you do not have to work on it. WordPress code is optimized and it helps you to load blog post quickly.Also with automatic update, you know your theme is always updated.

Everything Unlimited - With Studiopress everything is unlimited. You never have to pay extra for developer or support. The price includes installation on unlimited website, support and developer option as well as support forum access

Easy Customization - Every component in Studiopress theme can be easily customized starting from colors, headers, layout, comment, auto-sized image and ads ready. 

Custom layout and widget - You have the option to create a custom widget for sidebar or for the front page. It can also be used for user profile, featured page and featured post.

Security - Studiopress themes are built for security. The code for WordPress theme is checked for a security vulnerability and regularly updated for risk.

Ready to Get Started?

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Video Tutorial of Authority Pro

My Personal Recommendation

This is the certainly the best WordPress Theme by Studiopress. I really love the way we can customize home page and include picture and intro.

The Theme is fully responsive and open fine in all kind of small devices including phone and tablet.

It also has the option to show Top three blog post on front page with picture and description. You have the option to add as much Widget as you want on home page.

Header and footer of the theme are fully customizable. I will highly recommend this Theme to any blogging niche.

The learning path is also less, and you do not have to know any technical details.

Ready to Get Started?

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  • Hey Ravi. Thank you for your detailed review. I plan on purchasing the authority pro theme but have two questions.
    1) Can the logo/blog name in the header be centered(without using code) or will it remain fixed on the left top corner?
    2) Can the blog section found at the bottom of the homepage be shifted to the top immediately after the hero section?

    • Hi Dhruv,

      Thank you for your comment. Please find your answer below:

      1) Can the logo/blog name in the header be centered(without using code) or will it remain fixed on the left top corner?

      You can change logo by using Appearance–> header option. To change alignment of the logo, you have to change style.css of your child theme (by default it is left)

      Here is what you need to change in child theme style.css

      /* Title Area
      ——————————————— */

      .title-area {
      //change float to center below
      float: center;
      padding: 16px 0;
      width: 430px;

      2) Can the blog section found at the bottom of the homepage be shifted to the top immediately after the hero section?

      You can put it anywhere you like. You have to choose Appearance–>customize and choose Widget, then select where you want to have this section and accordingly select front page 1 , 2 or 3.


      Please use contact us if you have more questions.

  • Excellent article. Keep writing such kind of info on your site.
    I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this website.

  • Hey Ravi, i am trying to design a blog for my customer and i found your review, it seems like authority pro is a good theme, i am going to give it a try.Thank you.

  • I am using this theme for my website. I’d like to customize some of the page views particularly the blog. Does the theme have any documentation or can you point me to a resource for help. Thx.

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