Always take Backup of your phone – Do not loose data

One of my friend recently lost her cellphone and that let me to write this post.We normally don’t take backup or install app which help in case of loosing phone.Backup will help us to recover contacts, messages and files.Apps helps us to block ,lock or completely wipes out data from phone.One of thing which we often miss is to regularly synchronize our phone with PC, so that we always have updated backup.So in a nutshell here are benefits of keeping backup of phone:

  • Recovery of contacts in case of theft or lost
  • Recovery of files and pics


Benefits of Apps:

  • Erase or wipe out phone data in case of lost
  • Lock the phone
  • Locate phone


How to take backup on different phones:

  • Iphone – Fortunately iPhone comes with inbuilt app from apple, Find my Iphone which helps with locating, lock and erasing can download it here :
    Also itune automatically synch your phone data with your PC.
  • Android – Android has a number of application to locate and control phone from sms or internet.Out of all I found this app very useful.

Remember in case you lost your phone , your contacts , data , emails etc can be misused.So take care of your date in the phone, And start taking regular backup of your data in handset.One more way to protect is to use pin or password lock in your handset, so that other person will not be able to access your phone.