All you should know about DigiLocker

If you have not heard of Digilocker yet, I am going to aware you about it in this post.Digilocker is latest initiative launched by Govt of India to allow all citizen to store important document in safe online locker.You can use your Aadhaar number to register to it and then can upload important document like educational doc, Pan card,Passport and other document.



An important question which may arises here is why use this place to store data when you can use any third party service like Google, Icici bank etc.The answer lies in its importance.Why you need Digilocker?

  • Powered by Govt of India.So safest place to store and maintain privacy of document
  • 1 GB of space for every citizen, enough to store all important document
  • All document are signed by owner so documents are always genuine
  • Easily share these document with concern authority
  • Lot of Govt paperwork for Govt will be reduced and cost can be minimized
  • Document will be as good as self attested

How it works?

Below diagram very much explain how it works.There are 3 component involved in this application.


  • The issuer department – Those who issue certificate or document.For example CBSE can issue your educational certificate.Or Income tax can issue your Pan card and upload your document at the repository.
  • Digital locker repository – The issue upload document to digital locker which is repository where all documents are physical stored.
  • Requesting department – Requester can access document directly from locker upon your approval or you can share specific document by sharing unique url to the requester.For example a bank can request access for your document to open account.It is as good as self attested document.

You can get more details about Digilocker here:

Here is a small video demo for signup on Digilocker:


How it can help :

Government: Government can save a lot of paperwork.They don’t have to request a self attested document from you.This will also reduce manpower needed for verification of document as it will be e signed by owner .Also sharing documents with someone will be easier.

People: This will make life easier for people to apply for govt position, bank account etc.You don’t have to xerox a certificate or document to get its self attested.Also you can always have a soft copy of your document available anytime to download.

Disadvantages: Like any other Govt scheme, this also have some issues:

  • Without  Aadhaar card you cannot use this feature
  • Not many people know internet in India, so will be less user
  • Not sure how Govt website will take this much load
  • Every citizen still have to get Aadhaar card
  • Still will take lot of time and infrastructure of requester and issuer to implement this technology

But whatever it is, this is certainly a good initiative from Govt of India and thumb up for it.If you have a Aadhaar, do not delay to use this feature.To sign up click on below link: