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What is RaviSinghBlog

Ravisinghblog, launched in 2012, is a technology blog on the web with the focus on personal and information technology including web tools, gadgets, blogging tips, SEO, social issue and inspirational stories. My aim is to make the life of our readers better and easier with the help of technology. 

Who is Behind it?

The brain behind this blog – Ravi Singh. I am a computer graduate from Chennai, India and has presently working as a Technical Specialist in a leading IT firm. I started blogging since 2007. I hold an MCA degree and has previously worked in Banking software domain.

What I want to Achieve

I love to help people, so If you want to start a blog, promote your blog or any issue with SEO, you can contact me. I will not charge you anything. I want to learn from blogging and at the same time want to give it back to bloggers. Every time when someone blog, he/she adds an information to this pool of knowledge, called the Internet.

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What People Say About my Blog

Really these tricks and shortcut are very helpful while writing a blog post in wordpress. I am not aware about the shortcut and the trick to add sticky post from the quick edit option therefore I really want to thank you from the inner core of my heart for writing this useful post.

Gary Campbell
Sathish Arumugam

First of all I wanna thank you for posting such a wonderful post, Because while I was writing my own content I was having lot struggle like how to make this content to be user’s reading content at that time I also thought of giving the discount to that tool but one thought suddenly came into my mind only through discount does this will help them to get it.

Shalu Sharma Travel  Blogger

Thank your for the interview Ravi. Really honoured to be one of your interviewees.

I have seen lots of posts and interviews of Archana but missed her voice posts/interviews. This attempt from you have given me a chance to hear Archana’s voice, Ravi ..:) This is definitely a great and creative attempt from you and all the very best for future such interviews..:) As usual you just Rock!! Archana, Nice to find you here …:)

Gurunath Blogger
Pavitra KrBlogger

Thank you for sharing such great information your blog Post , It is informative.

I have subscribed to your feed which must do the trick! and Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!

Thanks a lot once again Have a nice day!

Jane SheebaBlogger

Thank YOU Ravi for the wonderful contribution 🙂

Mihir Gadhvi Blogger

Wanna thank you for your marvellous contribution in blogosphere .Your smart and simple tricks have been good resource for newbie

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