Abandoned Blogs: Why Is A Blog Not Updated Regularly?

An anonymous reader of Savvy Blogging Tips asked me this question: What could be the reasons that someone is not updating their blog regularly?


This Blog Post is Exclusively for Bloggers who do not update their Blog regularly

I've asked this question myself several times. I see several blogs that are started with so much enthusiasm and then the passion fades off. And those blogs sit there un-updated for quite a while.

And then the blog owner updates those blogs whenever they find the time and energy. Hence the blog's update/publish frequency goes irregularly.

It all depends on why you started blogging in the first place. Blogging starts for some people as a hobby, for some, it is to show their online presence, some want them to be heard and for some, it is full-time income generator.

Whatever be the case, a blog can be successful only if it is updated regularly (with quality content).

But why should we talk about updating at all? It is because that is what makes a blog better than a website.

The word blog, derived from web log, essentially means "logging" something. That is, take note of, maintain a diary of something. This implies that it is updated on a regular basis.

Want to be a successful blogger? Update you content regularly.

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Well, you don't have to update your blog regularly unless you have at least a handful people who read it regularly (apart from yourself and your mom, of course).

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But when you have some people reading it closely, you are automatically committed to providing updates to those people because they expect from you.

Summary Of The Post

Why You do not update blog regularly infographics

If you are blogging for some serious reason - say if it is your company blog or the blog that attracts your clients, you should be updating your blog regularly in order to capture leads effectively and also "keep" your current customers/followers engaged.

But I see that there are so many blogs that are not updated on a regular basis - some even stay un-updated for months and it is quite disappointing.

There are two vital things these not updated blogs miss:

  • Readers would want to visit a blog regularly that is updated, if there is nothing new, they wouldn't come back.
  • A blog can be easily indexed by bots and search engines only if it is updated regularly with fresh content.

There are thousands of blogs that are started every week, but how many of them do really become popular? Some just stay there on the web! So is updating a blog a hard task?

Is it something that can be done only by talented or 'chosen' people? It can't be so!

Here are some reasons why a blog would be left there to die without updating.

Why A Blog May Die?

You Choose An Alien Niche

Well newbie bloggers start a blog for two reasons -

  • They either have lots of things to say on a topic OR
  • They want to start a blog (just because….. You know…).

The first reason is good and will lead to a successful blog (if the blogger follows a good strategy) but the second reason is terrible (but you know what? You can't help this since more than 50% of the blogs are started just like that, for no reason!).

You may want to start a blog for several reasons, but your primary reason should be the niche you choose. 

Unless and until you are passionate about what you are writing and you do have sufficient knowledge in the topic, you are not gonna be able to update it! Choose a niche in which you belong to.

Now I know many of you will say, passion is not the only thing that we need to be considered while choosing a niche. I totally agree. There are other things like.... you know if a niche is really profitable or not, and other factors.

But if you have no interest (a much reduced version of "passion" at the least) you cannot cope with creating content in any niche.

Even if you pay a writer, if you don't know the ins and outs, you won't be able to create a good content marketing strategy, monetization plan, effective email marketing and run a successful business off that nice.

This applies to both authority blogs and anonymous niche sites. If you have been closely following Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income with Niche Site Duel 2.0, he does a lot of research in starting a niche site.

He neglects those niches in which he finds no interest or that he finds to be an "alien" topic!

You ran out of ideas

This usually happens if you choose an alien niche - but not always - you could run out of ideas even in a niche you are highly passionate about.

No idea

So this sometimes happens in any niche but you need to be bit creative to overcome this.You simply could not come up with an idea for a new blog post. Or you may simply should not write or expand on an idea. This is called writer's block (although I don't believe it exists :)).

Try mind mapping, linking to your old posts and generate thoughts. You might also want to elaborate on one or two key points you have already discussed, or discussed by someone on a different blog.

You could look into your comments section. There are various ways to overcome the writer's block and that itself is a topic for a separate blog post (see how I got an idea for a new blog post while writing one?).

And if you need help with creating killer content for your blog, I got you covered. Just grab my e-course "How to create killer content for your business?".

You are not motivated anymore

Blogging is sometimes tough and you can easily fall in the net if your motivation level falls at any point.

No motivation

Not getting enough traffic, not being able to generate enough income, not being recognized on the web are some of the reasons to lose motivation, but hang on, this is a process and not magic.

In other words, marathon, not a sprint.

Success cannot happen overnight, especially blogging success. There is no such thing called luck. And, you have to work hard to reap success. That is how the equation is. You cannot find a shortcut to it.

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You chose a very narrow niche

It is generally told that while choosing a niche for a blog, you have to be focused. This is true to some extent, but given all the factors above and too much competition, a very narrow niche will let you down.

You might not have enough content to regularly update your blog. So choose a reasonably sized niche so that you don't run out of topics to talk about.

Selecting a correct Niche is the first step for blogging.

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You don't have the time

This is the most popular issue among the newbie bloggers today! They just can't find time to write for their blog. So what else are they doing?

No time

They are either on Twitter, Facebook, checking emails, checking Adsense income every half an hour, checking the traffic to their blog, worried about the ad clicks, changing their blog templates, looking for widgets in Google and so on.

Socializing with fellow bloggers and reading other blogs in the niche are all part of the game, but there needs to be a fine proportion of all of it. The focus should be on creating content and giving your best to your readers!

You have to learn. But you don't have to be an endless learner. Rather, you have to start creating and contributing to your niche.

Stay up-to-date with the information in your niche. But stay focused and provide the best content to your readers.

Here are some additional tips to save time on creating content.

Why is a blog not updated regularly?

Well, I have given some of the most popular reasons I see with bloggers for not updating their blogs. Knowing these reasons will give you an idea as to why you are stuck if you are not being regular with updating your blog.

Many of my clients rush me to set up their blog; they do invest money in purchasing a WordPress theme and pay me for web design. But after everything is done and when I go back to their blog after a few months I can only see the welcome blog post (or nothing in some cases). This is really painful.

... which is why I'm writing this post. So ....

Are you updating your blog regularly? If not, what is the reason that is holding you back? Do a self-analysis and get back on your feet again.

A blog is a great opportunity for you these days. Don't let that opportunity go waste.


 Jane Sheeba 


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  • Thanks Ravi for this informative post.
    Yes, we need to update our existing post with the latest developments happening after publishing it. Often many neglect this area, this is a good reminder.
    Thanks for sharing it on Philipscom forum.
    Keep sharing
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~ Philip

  • Great post. My blog hasn’t been updated in a while :s I get so few views currently it doesnt feel worth it. My thought is that when my SEO is better I can post more and it will be more worth it because people who come to my site from google may see my new posts and check them out. Overall thanks for the info.

  • Hi Jane,

    Nice to meet you here on Ravi’s space. Your article is amazing. Yes, many bloggers sometimes find it too overwhelming to continue and so they give up even before they got started.

    Choosing an alien niche has always and will always be one of the many reasons why blogs fail. It is true you have to write about what you have a passion for, however what if the niche you have a passion for is not lucrative in terms of revenue and ROI?

    Running out of blog topic ideas is also another stunning reason many bloggers give. They fail to leverage the abundance of channels for blog posts topic ideas available in the market-place, such as Quora, Buzzsumo, Facebook groups relevant your their niche, and so on.

    Thanks for sharing!

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