A Green Diwali is Happy Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and very soon we will see Go Green brigade will be giving you message to Go Green and do not light firecrackers to prevent air and Noise pollution. Facebook, Twitter, and social media will be filled with the messages and pictures. But the biggest question is do we really care for the environment or for other people?

Let’s first understand what is Green Diwali?

  • No use of Light or sound firecracker

Who get affected if we use Firecracker or simply what is the problem if you will not go for Green Diwali?

  •  Pollution to the Environment by harmful gasses released by Firecrackers
  • Noise pollution by Firecrackers resulting in disturbing peaceful environment, problem for elderly people, Children or even adults
  • Disturbance for birds and other animals
  • Cases of accidents because of fire

The big question?

Do we really care about the environment? Daily, thousands of motor vehicle pollutes the environment, more than a day of Diwali. But are we doing enough to reduce vehicles on the road? We even do not care about honking every second in and out of traffic. The strange thing is even educated people are not able to understand it. India is the worst performer when it comes for environment cleanness. We follow the same custom from a long time and do not want to change. Just because our parents or grandparents used firecrackers, we burn it blindly every year. The surprising thing is our children also learn the same. This is how we contribute pollution to the environment and the next generation is going to get the same.

Will we ever change?

The Answer is probably No until we understand the consequences. We all know the root cause of pollution, but we do not want to change. Every year after the Diwali night, you can feel the pollution in the morning. It almost feels like a fog. I do not understand when we will understand this. The celebration never means to disturb the environment.


We need to learn – 

Does this mean other developed nation never uses firecracker? How will they celebrate? They will also celebrate and use firecracker but in a controlled way. There is an authorized place where everyone gather and a fireworks show will be organized. So instead of everyone fires their own firecrackers, the whole town celebrate at one place. There are 3 benefits on this event. First is you can have light and sound of firecrackers to celebrate. The second one is there is less pollution. The third one is the safety of people because accidents can be prevented as every kid will not try to firecrackers of their own. There are experts who execute the event and a team of doctor and fire vehicle will be on standby in case of any unfortunate incidents. Can’t we implement the same concept in India and prevent consumption of firecrackers and stop accidents.


Conclusion – 

Charity begins at home. Unless we change, we cannot expect our neighbors to change. Diwali does not mean to burn firecrackers only. In the present social media world, Diwali gives us the chance to meet our family, friends and neighbors in person, invite them and celebrate with them. You can make new friends, eat together with friend and family. Why you need noisy firecrackers? If not completely, at least we can reduce the numbers of firecrackers and burn then in the group. We need to teach the same to our kids.Let’s try to give a cleaner and better India and world to our next generation. Let’s make this Diwali a cleaner, peaceful, friendly and Green. A very Happy Diwali to all of my readers!!!

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