8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Promoting Personal Blog

Promoting a personal blog is quite different from promoting a particular niche blog. You need to target appropriate market and work little harder to get your audience. In the personal blog, you write a variety of topic and your personal experience.


To get more readers for your personal blog, you need to implement something unique. I am going to discuss some amazing ways to promote and get more readers to your personal blog.

Let's see first what is the difference between personal blog and niche blog:

Personal Blog

Niche Blog

Blog is related to your thoughts or personal experience.Topic could be anything from travel to short stories

You are limited to a particular topic or niche; For example blogging tips WordPress etc

Your target audience could be larger than.Niche blog

These blogs will be targeted to a specific set of users

People write to share their experience; most of   the time revenue does not matter

People create it mainly to generate revenue from ads and marketing

You post do not have to be more competitive but need to be interesting to get more traffic

As there is more competition for a niche, you need to create post in detail, and detail tutorial with picture and videos to get more traffic

Now lets find the best way to promote Personal blogs:

Start with a small niche - 

As I said personal blogs are not limited to a particular niche but to start, limit your post to a specific niche. For example, If you are passionate about Travel, you can start with your travel journey post. Once you get some readers like 1K+, you can include more categories.

Aha-now.com is a classic example of it.

Follow and get followed -  

 Social media is the best place to get more readers. Follow the best blogger in your niche and share their content. You can also comment on their blog and become their friends.

Chances are that they will also share your content and you will get more traffic and followers. Make maximum use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google plus and other social media.

Make your Blog SEO friendly -

 You should start making your blog search engine friendly from day one. I work with the top seo companies uk and use plugins like All in SEO pack and WP super cache to make my WordPress blog SEO friendly.

SEO placeholder

It is an art you will learn as you grow with your blogging.

Below post is good way to start:

How to Make Your Blog Posts SEO-Friendly

How to make your Blog Responsive

Understand visitors - 

In the beginning, the number of visitors will be less. But that does not mean you should not know how they landed on your blog.

Use Google analytics to find how user comes to your blog, how long they stay and what they clicked. You need to learn How to track SEO so you can work on your weak areas, it could be organic search, social media or direct visitors.


Use mailing list - 

You must start creating the email list of your readers from day one. This is an old and trusted way to get more readers for your blog.

You can use an opt-in form to get email subscribers. There are two ways to get it:

  • Give them free stuff like e-book to get them subscribe to your blog
  • Ask them to subscribe to get email updates

Read this post to understand how to create e-books:

How to Create and Sell E-books [Infographic]

Aweber, Getresponse and MailChimp are recommended tools to take care of your email list. Check out the below trial from Aweber:

Once you have some good amount of subscribers, you can send them a regular email about updates on your blog and get more traffic.

Create your Brand -

 Your blog is not just a URL but a brand. You need to promote it like a brand and make sure people know you by your blog. Make sure your blog URL is updated everywhere on the internet like social media and other places.


You can create an email signature for all correspondence. Please check this post to understand how to Create email signature.

5 Great Tools To Create Your Email Signature

Create Networking -

Blogging is all about creating network and friends. You cannot grow alone as a blogger. So make friends, help others and add them to your list.


Answer questions, share their content and create a personal touch with them. Guest blogging is also a good way to get more friends and visitors to your blog.

This a very good post from Nirmala explaining in detail about Guest post:

6+ Guest Blogging Myths To Ignore

I also use Indiblogger, an Indian blogging community to connect with the fellow blogger. You can join similar community and groups to connect with like-minded people.

Make your own rule - 

Do not always follow the rules. Someone said, "Writing more post will bring more visitors". I do not follow it. I prefer to write quality content only. Same way make your own formula, rules and try different combinations.

Promote offline, take interview -

 It is not always important to promote blog online. Go offline, talk to people about your blog. If you find the same blogger in town, get some time to meet them and learn from them. It is a very good idea to get an interview.


There are bloggers meet at a regular interval in India and worldwide. Do not miss the chance to meet new people.

Improve the quality of writing - 

You need to improve your writing skills to attract more visitors.  Your article should be useful and interesting. To improve your writing skills, you should read more books, watch movies, read articles and post and meet new people.

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If you write in The English language, this post is a good start:

7 Awesome Tips To Improve Your English Skills For Blogging

Please find some more bonus tips:

Here is a Video summary of the blog:


Promoting a personal blog and business blog is different. A new blogger faces a tough challenge to get visitors for his/her blog.

[I hope these tips have given you a fair idea of promoting your blog. Use these features and let me know how it increases engagement of your readers.

Promote blog_quote

Please let me know what promotion methods you use to promote your blog. Use the comments section to share your view with the community. Use the comments section to share your view with the community.

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