7 Quick Ways to Generate Passive Income From Your Blog

Affiliate income is one of the biggest sources of income for bloggers. In this post, I am going to explain how to quickly create passive income from your blog for your affiliate income. If you want to maximize your blog's income, read the complete post.


A passive income is something for which you're worked once and reap the benefits forever. This is very important in the case of affiliate marketing where you must maximize the potential of generating more income.

One of the best examples is when you try to promote Web hosting, passive income will help you generate more sales and for a longer time.

7 quick ways to increase passive income from your blog:

Use Deep Linking 

Normally a blogger writes about a topic or review and put affiliate link at bottom or different places and hope a potential visitors will purchase from their link.

This is not that easy. Visitors will potentially visit 10 other reviews before buying. You need to convince him or her. 

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Normally all affiliate products offer you something like cookies to leave your footmark on the client’s machine. When a user clicks on your affiliate link a cookie will be stored and a commission will be given even if a customer will buy it a little later.

Cookies examples affiliate product-min

You need to make sure to a user clicks on your link.

You also need to create other useful resources like slides, documents, videos, etc to get this footprint.

A perfect example is affiliate bloggers organizing webinar and then share information to the viewers which contains affiliate link

When user will find more resources and tutorials around the topics, there is better chances that they will click on your affiliate link.

You also need to create customized link which will be helpful and gives you a better chance to get the click.

Remember most of the users never buy in the first visit.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to increase your passive income. You can send emails to subscribers and get another way to get clicks on your affiliate products.

Emails will help you to reach a wider audience. You need to embed your affiliate link (deep link) within your documents to get a better chance to reach it to your subscribers and earn more commission

Look for more Commission

Many affiliate products offers more commission if you can generate more sales. Like for $150 per sale for up to 10 sales and $200 per sale for 10-50 sales.

More commission

Talk to your affiliate product support and ask for a better commission if your user base is more and you are generating bigger sales.

Cloak Your Affiliate Link

No one likes to click an ugly affiliate link. You have to make a long affiliate link to more readable and recognizable.

Personally, I use the Thirstyaffiliate link to cloak or hide my affiliate link. You can check it out here. 

Here is one example of cloaked url:  https://ravisinghblog.in/recommends/bluehost

Link to other Posts

Interlinking your article helps you to get more clicks to your affiliate link. It creates a deep link for your articles and user may click on your older article to buy products.

There are two parts to it. First, interlinking a reference to other articles within a post. The second part is every time you mention a product within another post, the affiliate link is automatically added to that.

Thirstyaffiliate WordPress plugin can do it for you. This plugin has an option to automatically add affiliate link whenever the product name or keyword is mentioned in the post.

Use other Article promotion sites like Medium, Slideshare, HubPages

Never ever promote your product only through the blog. There are other ways to get eyeballs to your affiliate like Hubpages, Medium, Slideshare, Quora, etc. These mediums will let you create deep links and helps you to get new visitors.

You can write quality content to these articles and then add your affiliate link.

Use Landing Pages

  1. Landing pages are my personal favorite to generate passive income for years. You can either create Landing pages for a domain or for a post.

Landing pages are different from a blog post. There are more centric in promotion or sales. Basically when you try to promote a product, show their features, videos, and put a sales pitch; you create a landing page.

Check this post to find how I create beautiful landing pages using Thrive Architect?.

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Passive income is very important for affiliate bloggers. Whenever you create a new post, make sure it will give your result for life. The above tips will help you to keep generating commission from affiliate products for years.

Just note a potential customer never land on your post and buy from your affiliate link in the first attempt. You need to work on deep linking and make sure user clicks on your link, so that even if they will buy later; you will get the commission.

I hope these tips will help you in the long run, please feel free to share your ideas and how you create passive income.

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