7 Awesome Tips To Improve Your English Skills For Blogging

Today I am going to discuss a common problem every blogger faces before starting their blogging journey. A blogger has to first decide what is the language they are going to select for blogging. English is the most obvious choice as it has the maximum readership worldwide.

The problem comes when English is not the native language of the blogger. Certain words like then vs than where there are high chances of malapropism being committed, could be really hard to comprehend and if used in the wrong sentences at the wrong place could lead to a bad reputation of posts or even less traffic. As a result, the blogger feels discomfort or may not be able to express his or her thought clearly. I am going to discuss why a perfect English is never required to write a perfect post.

Why have I selected English for my blog?

  • I get bigger audience for my blog
  • English is an international language
  • I am able to express my thoughts clearly
  • My target audience is entire community and not limited to one region
  • More audience means more sharing, that is more traffic

Why I think People choose their native language instead of English for Blogging

  • They feel it is easy to express their thoughts in native language
  • Their target audience is limited to a region or a language
  • They write for themselves or their friends
  • Business blogs who sells product to limited customer often target native language only

When I started blogging, I too made mistakes in grammar and used wrong words. You do not need to be a Ph.D. or experts in English before writing a post. You just need to practice and practice.

Let’s see now why I think Perfect English is not required before you start Blogging?

Communication is important –  Whenever you write a post or an article, the most important thing is the communication. The readers must be able to understand what you want to say. It does not mean you have to use some big words or have to be perfect in English.


But it also does not mean you write some unreadable text. You should know and use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

[stextbox id=”info”]The thumb rule is to make sure the message or thoughts should get to the readers. It does not have to be the best all the time.[/stextbox]


People want Answers – Most of the time people want the answer to their issues and that’s why they read blogs. Who care if it is the perfect English or not. It should be readable.

Content is more important than language –  Do you want to read a post which has used all kind of vocabulary, big words and well-formatted paragraph but nothing new or useful? Do you think your readers will like that?

Remember people like to read useful content more than professional and tough looking English.


How Do I Work on my English skills for blogging-

When I started blogging, even my English was not very good and I often make the mistake with my Grammar, words, and punctuation. The only way I overcame  it was is by using correct tools and practice.

I would like to share my experience with the readers who all faces this common issues. Please see below what steps I have taken to ensure to improve my English language for writing skills.

Practice, Practice, and Practice –  This is the plain and simple way to improve your English skills. Write more and more articles. Whenever you get a chance to write, like a blog post, comment on someone blog, post on social media or any other such activity; makes the best use of it.

Do not only read the post but try to read the comments. It will give you a wide variety of opinion and is very useful.


Writing and Reading practice will improve your Grammar skills, vocabulary, and tips to create a correct paragraph. I try to read more blog post, articles, and even twitter post will give your very helpful tips.

I also try to read novels and newspaper articles columns to improve my writing skills.

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Ignore bullies – You will find people who bully you, make fun of your Grammar or spelling mistakes. Never worry about them. Just ignore them and never give up. You need to work and it requires little time and experience.


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Use Grammar and spelling tools – Along with your own English skills, you also need to use the appropriate tool to make sure you capture those error before publish.

I use free Grammarly tool to capture Grammar and spelling errors for WordPress and web browsers. Please find video review of Grammarly tool below:

Some of the features of Grammarly are:-

  • Absolutely free spelling and Grammar tool for WordPress, and common browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc
  • Check 250 points of Grammar
  • Contextual spelling checker
  • Contextual synonyms for vocabulary enhancement

[stextbox id=”info”]Please use this special link to try Grammarly for free. Some of the other tools can be WordPress inbuilt Grammar check or word editor like Microsoft word.[/stextbox]


Ask your Friends and fellow bloggers to review your content –  It is always a good idea to ask your close friends and some other fellow blogger to review your post. They can point out mistakes and give your opportunity to correct it before publishing.

Join Forum and discuss it – Forum is a great place to improve your writing skills. Your post will catch more eyeballs and help you to ask question and reply. Read more threads and post your reply. Beware about bullies, this is very common in forums. Digitalpoint Forum is a good place to start with.

Use Guest post – Once you write some post for your blog, use the guest post to write for other bloggers. It will give you more readers and you will get more friends to review your content. You need to get little more confidence before you start writing for others as other reputed bloggers may want better post.

Use more video and pictures to explain facts – Sometimes pictures and videos worth more than a thousand words. Use other media to reduce the number of words for your post.

Conclusion –

Practice makes a man perfect. Nobody is born as perfect. You must regularly work on your weak points. Improving English is very important for the success of your blog. By working on improving your English skills and using right tools, you can create a better content and take your content to the next level.

[stextbox id=”info”]Remember content is more important than the language but you need to make sure you understand the basic skills of reading and writing English. Your content should be readable with at least correct grammar and punctuation.[/stextbox]


I hope this post have given you the basic idea about Grammarly tools and tips to improve your skills. Please use the comments section to let me know if Grammarly tool helps you to create a better content. Please share how you improve your English writing and reading skills.

  • Grammarly tool is a best proofreading software to find the spelling & grammar mistakes easily, am using and its saves lots of time and my english skills also improving. i suggest to use grammarly tool and its free, no limited words. Thanks for sharing

  • The simplest way to improve your English skills is to practise and practise. Whenever you have the chance to write a blog, comment on other blogs or just talking to other people through the internet who is fluent in English can help you.

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