6 things we Indian must bring in ourself

We always complain things are not good in India.People do not care about each other.Road and cities are not clean.Government is not doing anything blah blah.List goes on…But the biggest question is are we doing our bit?A small contribution and help can keep your city clean ,make your surrounding a better place and keep you are family happy and safe.Lets see this nice video which demonstrate how you can be kind and still remain anonymous.


I am going to talk about 6 small things which can make this world a better place and it is really not a big task to do.

  • Respect woman – Where it is a bus stop, Railway station, street or anywhere, Respect and protect woman.This also involves raise a voice when you see incident like in below video.Remember if you will keep quiet tomorrow it may be your wife,friend or relative.

Protecting also involve empowering woman.It means give equal opportunity to woman and let them learn new things.It can be driving, let them work they want etc.Charity begins at home.So make sure the woman in your home should be totally independent and ready to take any challenge.A empower and independent woman only create a new India.

  • Clean your surroundings – This is the other problem you often see.We keep our home clean but not the city.The simple rule is throw the waste into dustbin, whether it belongs to you or somebody else.Lets promise to keep our city and surrounding clean.


  • Stop judging people by their color or region – In India we see it everywhere.People differentiated based on color,religion,region and sometime even caste.I heard people say “Hum delhi wale hai UP wale se shadi kyon kare”.Majdor ho ” Bihar se ho kya”.Madrasi hai “idli sambhar wala”.This is separate topic that these states give maximum number of scientist,engineers and doctors to India.Just remember, we may have different religion,caste and color but we all are having same color from inside.


  • Do not wait for things to happen, do it – We all see issue, complain about it but do nothing.We see somebody lying on road after accident, we just pass.We see some traffic at busy road and do nothing to clear it.This attitude must change and we have to take an extra step to change it.Never keep mum about wrong thing happening around.Go ahead take a lead and do something about it.



  • Do some social work – Participate in some social work.It does not means only donate some amount.Physically participate in some social work like teaching poor kids,donate some blankets in winter.Help an old man o cross road, clean a random car etc.This video will inspire you.

  • Follow traffic rules -Lets promise even if others will not follow traffic rules, we will follow it.We respect other driver nad be calm in driving.Remember nothing in this world is worth to break traffic rules.Here is a video which shows fatal example of road accidents in India.


There are lot more , but these six things are not a very big task for anyone.Start following it and take it as a donation to society and people.Remember kindness boomerang and returns back to you, so why not do it.Please share you addition to list and please do not forget to provide your valuable feedback.

  • Good article Ravi. The highlighted things are very important to have better place to live! I really appreciate for adding related video links also.
    Few more important things, I can think of:
    1. Water harvesting:
    Water is life. We can’t imagine the life without it. Many times, we complain traffic jams due to rainy water on the roads. But do not give much importance to harvest the rain water which falls in our house. The water on roads not only causes traffic jams but also damages the roads very fast.
    2. Education:
    Knowledge is power. There is a proverb that “Teach him how to fish instead of giving fish”. In our free time, we can take some classes in govt schools, at home to poor children (like servant kids), in colleges about the industry required skills,..
    3. Participatory democracy:
    Our duty does not end just by paying taxes but ensuring that we elect right persons so that the money will be spent properly. We need to motivate our friends also in this. And also we need to understand the govt policies and provide the suggestions to improve them. We may not have reach to MLA/ MP but we can reach local municipal counselor OR community president.
    4. Online communities:
    We may be having lot of great ideas to change the world. But if we do not get the right platform and support then those ideas will remain just as dreams.
    Join the online communities and participate actively. For ex : AAP party is an example of creating a new political awareness among youth.

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